Liquid Iron and a Tasty Steak

Hello Hello!

After hitting snooze a few times this morning (more like 4 or 5) I got myself up out of bed and off to the gym.  Is it just me, or can daylight savings time not come soon enough? I cannot wait for it to get lighter earlier in the morning! I started off my workout with an easy 4-mile run on the treadmill, when I’m coming back from some time off I like to run on the treadmill so that I can really monitor my pace and keep it nice and easy!  Today was the first

A nice 4 miles at 7:40 pace!

A nice 4 miles at 7:40 pace!

I finished off an hour of cardio on the stationary bike and stretched while listening to the end of my current audio book. If you’re looking for something else to do while running instead of music or watching Netflix/Hulu I definitely recommend checking out the App – I’m addicted!


Today marks the beginning of my second week taking liquid iron.  This stuff is pretty nasty, but I am determined to take it twice a day like prescribed – even if it means burping it up for a few hours after.


Isn’t that just an extremely appetizing color?? Yumm!

For an extra boost of iron I had scrambled eggs with toast and a banana for breakfast.  I totally forgot about toast the past few years, but I recently rediscovered it and can’t believe I ever forgot about it! I did half raspberry preserves and half cinnamon sugar on mine this morning! Delicious!


Henri had a work dinner today so I spent the afternoon and evening with these goobers!


We went on a 2 mile fast walk which inevitably lead to a snuggle sesh when we got home! My pups are such good cuddle bunnies!


Dinner was steak, baked potato, and green beans! Even though Henri wasn’t home to grill for me – he is the master of all things beef – I think I did a pretty okay job sauteing the steak in a pan.  It probably helped that I doused my steak in Trader Joe’s Balsamic Glaze. ANYTHING would taste amazing with that stuff on it!


Henri just walked in the door which means it time for some pre-bedtime T.V. – Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother here we come!!

What do you do/listen to/watch when you run on the treadmill?

Have you ever taken liquid iron? Any tricks on how to get over the taste/advice on brands?

What are your favorite t.v. shows to unwind to at the end of the day?



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