World Series Champs 2013!!

Congratulations to the Boston Red Sox on their World Series win tonight!  We are champions once again!!

One of the most exciting things about the Sox’s win is that their success this season was sparked by the tragedy at the Boston Marathon in April.  This team, which was the worst team in all of baseball this year, has played every game since in honor of those affected by the bombings on Boylston Street: honoring many of the victims during pre-game ceremonies.  This year the Red Sox have served as a ray of hope for a city suffering the after effects of that Marathon Monday!  As Big Papi put it, the Sox have reminded everyone that “this is our f****** city and no one is going to dictate our freedom! Stay strong!”

Can we talk about these beards for a second??  I mean, I’ve heard of No Shave November, and even participated one year (yeah, I didn’t make it the whole month, don’t ask), but these players have taken their beards to a whole new level!  Whatever works, I guess?



Today I wore my beloved Red Sox jersey all day and endured many comments from the Dodgers and Angels fans at work! I was even asked if I was a “real fan” or a “bandwagoner”.  Um, excuse me? I was born in Boston thank you very much! 🙂

photo 1

The game started at 5 in Cali so when dinnertime came around we were wrapped up in the game.  I managed to get myself off my butt to serve up some pre-made soup and grill a sandwich to share but then we just plopped on the couch with our food so that we didn’t miss any of the action!! Henri loves TV-dinners so he was in heaven! I was too because the butternut squash soup I made made my tummy very happy.  I will have to share the recipe soon!!

photo 5

Butternut squash soup with a ham and cheese panini!

Dinner and the Red Sox... could it be better than this??

Dinner and the Red Sox… could it be better than this??

photo 3

Henri’s loving this dinner on the couch situation!

Well, I’m off to bed! Gotta get up bright and early to attempt my longest run in the past three weeks! 6 miles! Not much, but its good to be getting back into it after my ferritin issues!  I’ll enjoy every step!

Do you like baseball? If you do which is your favorite team?

How often do you eat dinner while watching tv? We do this more often than I’d like to admit but since it’s the hubby’s favorite thing its a common thing in our house!



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