Meb – NYC Marathon 2013

This will be a short post but I just wanted to share a quick video that I found on FloTrack today.  For anyone who didn’t see it this morning Meb Kefezighi had a tough time at the New York City Marathon.  Around mile 19 he realized that the pace he was holding was too hard for his body.  But instead of dropping out he WALKED the last 7 miles of the course and encouraged the other runners that started passing him!  I have always been a Meb fan but this video of him talking about the race today is just amazing! He is not only a great athlete but also an extraordinary person!

Watch the video here.

And, to lighten the mood after that – here’s a picture from when Meb won the Olympic Trial Marathon!


Did you watch the NYC Marathon this morning?

Reactions to Meb’s video?


6 thoughts on “Meb – NYC Marathon 2013

  1. I totally just wrote a post including this link! (for tomorrow, though). I caught it on Flotrack, too – he’s such a class act. Most elites would drop out to save their bodies from unnecessary strain: for him to complete the race was a really respectful thing to do. I’ve always liked Meb!

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