My Marathon Wishlist

Is it just me or anytime you watch a race does it just inspire you to want to go out for a run, or sign up for your local race?  I have a serious problem with this, I just can’t watch others run without wanting to be a part of it! In years past I have even worn flip flops to cheer on the Boston Marathon runners so that I wouldn’t just jump in and run as a bandit!

This problem reared its ugly head again this weekend.  While watching the NYC Marathon I got a text from my running buddy that said “Let’s run NYC together someday, okay?” and just like that my mind started churning. “Should I run NYCM next year?” “Or should my fall race be Chicago?” “What other races do I want to run?” “I should squeeze and Disney race in there somewhere!” and on and on and on.  So as a result of all that thinking here is a list of the top TEN races that I would like to run at some point in my life.

1. Boston Marathon – I would hope that you’d already know this would be number one just from the name of my blog alone, but yes, I can’t not wait to run from my hometown all the way to Boylston Street! It’ll be a great day when it happens!


Elite women at the Boston Marathon starting line. Source

2. NYC Marathon – Because it such a popular marathon and attracts a lot of elite American athletes.  Plus, who doesn’t want to spend a weekend exploring New York City?


NYC Marathon runners! Source

3. Chicago Marathon – Beautiful city, flat course, amazing carbo-loading options. I’m sold.

Chicago deep dish pizza! Source

Chicago deep dish pizza! Source

4. Disney World Marathon – This is the first marathon that I even went to! My mom ran it when I was nine years old and I remember being so proud of her and wanting to be just like her when I was older! Also, as I write this I am drinking tea out of my giant Tigger mug… so yeah, I like Disney!

These girls make this race look like a BLAST! Source

These girls make this race look like a BLAST! Source

5. Paris Marathon – Because “Paris is always a good idea”.

European Vacation 399

6. London Marathon – Ever since watching Kara, Shalane, Meb, and Ryan Hall run the Olympic Marathon in London I’ve longed to race along the same streets that they ran on!  And London is a beautiful city, I feel like the race would fly by just looking at all the beautiful scenery!

The London Eye

The London Eye

7. The Great Wall Marathon – I want to go to Asia so badly and if I ever make my way all the way over there I might as well get a marathon in right? I may have to save this one for when my racing days are over and I’m just runnin’ for fun. I can’t imagine this would be a particularly quick course but man, just imagine the views!

Stair running DURING a marathon... yeah, that one won't be a PR! Source

Stair running DURING a marathon… yeah, that one won’t be a PR! Source

8. Athens Marathon – The birth place of the 26.2 mile race seems like the perfect place to run a marathon! Just think about all that history!

9. Nike Women’s Marathon in San Fransisco – You get to run through the streets of San Fransisco with some of the most amazing female distance runners in American history, are greeted at the finish line by firefighters in suits, and get a Tiffany’s necklace for your troubles.  Sign me up!

Pretty please! Source

Pretty please! Source

10. Honolulu Marathon – It’s in Hawaii. It’s in Hawaii. It’s in Hawaii. That’s all I have to say about that!.

Pepperdine XC Hawaii trip 2008!  The only time I've ever been!

Pepperdine XC Hawaii trip 2008! The only time I’ve ever been!

So there it is, my shortened marathon bucket list! I could go on but maybe it’s best if I just take these wishes on ten at a time!

What race(s) do you dream of running?

What influences the races that you sign up for? Atmosphere? Scenery? The city the race is in?


10 thoughts on “My Marathon Wishlist

  1. Love your choices! I want to do Chicago and NYC is now on my list, too (just because I watched Sunday, naturally!).Also, Paris and London? Would adore it…but now that I’ve missed a ton of races from injury I hesitate to make travel plans in case I’m not healthy 😦 I’ve gotten chicken!
    I heard that Athens is a super tough race – hot and I think the second half is uphill? But I think it would be worth it.

  2. Ok you are an amazing athlete woman!!! I just looked over some of your ‘about me’ and am blown away at how incredible of a runner you are! Totally inspirational! 🙂 🙂 ❤ love it so much! And you live in a beautiful city! Super jealous.
    I love planning out marathon wish lists! Right now Rock and Roll is one of mine (anywhere) as well as Chicago. I have heard there is NOTHING like the Chicago marathon! Haha please do the Honolulu one so I can live vicariously through you, k? Thanks!

  3. I LOVE THIS LIST!!! i have always wanted to run a destination race, like hawaii or the disney one, but i’ve never had a list before! apparently i need one!! haha 🙂

  4. Soooo every single marathon I want to run (minus the United Health Care Newport RI Marathon- most beautiful course in the world) is on this list. Obviously Boston is my number one, although I have to get there first haha

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