Missing Malibu

Yesterday, after a foggy morning run with a friend Henri and I drove up to visit Pepperdine and Malibu. Last week marked five years since our first date so we wanted to go back to the place where our relationship started and reminisce about the “old times”!

We took the dogs for a walk around Legacy Park.

photo 3 (16)


photo 1 (14)

So many memories of hard workouts on these trails! We had to have done 1000m or mile repeats here almost every week my senior year!

photo 2 (18)

Then we each got lunch from our favorite Malibu spots! I had a HUGE Chinese Chicken Salad. Soooo good but I swear Henri was finding sesame seeds in my teeth for the rest of the day!

photo 2


Henri got a burrito and horcata from Howdy’s – our go-to date spot when we were in college! (Part of his proposal even included this restaurant!)

photo 5If you’ve never had horcata you HAVE to try it! It is a sweet drink made from rice, cinnamon and vanilla.  Howdy’s homemakes theirs and it is so refreshing. One of my favorite drinks!

We also checked out Pepperdine’s campus because there has been a lot of construction recently.  The saddest thing that we discovered is that they ruined our track! They took out the two inner lanes because soccer “needed a bigger field”.  I was so upset, because now the track isn’t even a real track, that I totally even forgot to take a picture!  Henri and I have now vowed that the first thing we will do if we ever win the lottery is to buy Pepperdine a new and REAL track!

After the disappoint of the track, we took the pups to our favorite beach! (Where we had our first date!) Isn’t it beautiful!?

photo 4 (11)

Laci and I ran in the waves and she got pretty soaked…

photo 1 (19)

…but I gave her some kisses to make it all better!

photo 5 (16)


Our last stop was at Malibu Yogurt (or Bu-Yo as all the cool kids call it!). Henri’s is the one with all the fruity pebbles… one thing you need to know about Henri is that he is NOT interested in fro-yo unless fruity pebbles are involved!

photo 2 (14)


Even Finn and Laci got in on the action. I wish I had taken a video of this because they scarfed down that vanilla yogurt in record time!

photo 5 (14)All in all, we had a great time walking down memory lane together! Pepperdine and Malibu will always hold a special place in our hearts and it will always be fun to go back and visit!

Do you like to visit your college town? Are there certain places you HAVE to eat when you go back?





4 thoughts on “Missing Malibu

  1. so i’ve never been to maibu, but after this post i think i’m missing it too. haha. seriously though, how gorgeous. i’ve always heard that the universities and even high schools out there are like outside kind of, or something like that..? haha. as a wisco girl i can NOT imagine my school being open air. in wisco we’re either trying to keep the hot sticky humid summer air out, or the frigid bone chilling winter air out. haha. i am definitely jealous of the california climate sometimes.

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