Sleepy Puppies and why Kenyans are so FAST!

Yesterday we had the laziest Sunday we have had in a while! Henri is the king of lazy days so he showed me and the pups how to do it.

photo 1(2)

Sleepy puppies!

Clearly, Finn and Laci caught on quickly.

We lounged around the house, ate chocolate chip-pumpkin pancakes for breakfast, and caught up on our favorite shows: Last Man Standing, Homeland, and Masterchef Junior! It was the perfect rest day from running.

(There are no photos of the pancakes because we were too hungry to bother with photos! haha)

On a completely different note, I have a confession to make.  Henri and I are officially old people.  Not only did we leave a party last weekend at 10:30 because it was “getting too late”, we are now addicited to NPR (National Public Radio)!! Yes, neither of us is 25 yet but we love to listen to public radio! It’s kind of embarrassing…

Anyways, this confession has a point, I promise.  Yesterday we were listening to RadioLab and they were doing a segment on distance running! Obviously I was hooked, especially since the topic was “Why are Kenyans so fast?”.

Sidebar: Every year the Kenyans that are running the Boston Marathon visit the elementary school in my hometown, so I have been obsessed with them and their crazy speed since I was like 9.


One of the Kenyan runners making their grand entrance to the cheers of hundreds of students!


Each year a group of third grade students gets the chance to run a lap around the school with the marathoners!

Okay, back to RadioLab.  The show always takes a scientific approach to things so it was very interesting to hear them talk about the different scientific studies that have been done to try to figure out why the majority of the world’s top distance runners come from a small region in Kenya.

Ultimately, the conclusion that the hosts of the show came to links the coming of age rituals and culture of a specific tribe in Kenya to the ability of these runners to withstand incredible amounts of pain!  It is all very interesting!

You can listen to RadioLab podcasts online and on your iPhone/iPod/iPad.  The name of this segment is “Cut and Run”.  You should definitely listen to it!

RadioLab "Cut and Run"

RadioLab “Cut and Run”

Hope you have a great Monday!


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