Sunrise and Sandwiches

I’m not going to lie: some days it can be really hard to get out of bed for an early morning run.  But sunrises like the one yesterday make waking up before the sun sooooo worth it!

photo 1 (23)I have been loving my Zenza compression sleeves recently! I’ve been doing a lot of lower body strength workouts and my legs have been wicked sore, and these sleeves really help out with my calf issues. I don’t think I could have gotten through my runs this week without them!

photo 1 (26)Our pups have no sense of personal space so stretching time always seems to turn into snuggle wrestle time!

photo 2 (24)I had a meeting today at work and we got a catered lunch: score! I had ordered the BBQ Chicken Sandwich and it was the BOMB! It was honestly one of the biggest (and best) sandwiches of my life! BBQ Chicken, spinach, onions, tomato, avocado, bacon, and cheese sandwiched between two slices of toasted potato-poppy seed bread! Yummy in my tummy!

photo 5 (21)We had Henri’s sister and one of their cousins over for dinner, drinks, dessert and conversation and I made enchiladas, Mexican rice, and salad. Everything was so tasty I forgot to take a picture before I started eating.  Here’s what my plate looked like part-way through dinner.

photo 4 (20)Henri’s cousin is gluten-free but when we have people over DESSERT is necessary! I have NO experience with gluten-free baking from scratch so I decided not even to try, gotta go the safe route when you’re hosting.  I bought this mix from Trader Joe’s and crossed my fingers  photo 5 (19)Just like the bag says – these brownies were delicious! You should definitely try them! Oh, and, pumpkin ice cream on brownies is currently my favorite thing in the world!

photo(24)The girls stayed for 3 hours! I love hanging out with them and hearing stories about Henri when he was little!  I finished off the evening with Candy Cane tea in my favorite mug. (p.s. that’s Henri and his sister in the background)

photo 5 (20)

All in all, a great day filled with great food and awesome company!

I’m also thinking about signing up for this Christmas Color Run next weekend. I found a deal online, but I’m not sure how I feel about it being before Thanksgiving. Thoughts?photo 5 

What is your favorite kind of ice cream to put on top of brownies?

Ever done a Color Run? Would you recommend them?


4 thoughts on “Sunrise and Sandwiches

  1. A christmas color run?! Whattt so cool! I pretty much live in my calf sleeves although my zensah ones fall down pretty easily so I mostly use those for everyday wear and sleeping, and then wear my other brands for running. Maybe they’re just old though… Also totally dig the use of the word wicked. New England pride over here 😉

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