It happened…

This weekend was a change of pace for us.  We like to spend our weekends at home relaxing with the dogs, but this weekend it felt like we were non-stop the whole time!

After a great run with a friend on my favorite trail, Henri and I took a trip to one of the greatest places on earth – Hobby Lobby!  Okay, so it’s not Disneyland but this place is awesome, if you live close to one you should totally check it out.  They have great deals on supplies if you are looking to do anything crafty.

We spent most of our time in the Christmas section! Check out all of these stockings…

photo 5 (23)

I thought about buying this hat for the Santa 5K I’m running in December, but Henri vetoed the idea (what a party pooper ;)).photo 4 (23)

He did let me get this mug though – and I CANNOT wait to drink hot cocoa with little mini marshmallows out of it!

photo 2 (29)

I also bought some supplies to finish my latest craft! I’m really proud of this one, it looks great next to our front door!

photo 4 (24)

On our way home from Hobby Lobby we turned on Christmas music for the first time this year… it happened. 🙂

photo (1)

Date night was sushi and Thor – such a good movie! Any Marvel movie is one that Henri and I can agree on and that is a pretty big deal!

These gyoza were the highlight of dinner!

These gyoza were the highlight of dinner!

Sunday was church, a trip to Crate and Barrel for more Christmas-y goodies, errands, and chores, but the highlight of the day was the trip to the dog park.  I know I’m probably biased but I think Finn and Laci might be the cutest pups in the world!


Laci girl!

Just look at those ears!

Just look at those ears!

Chasing each other!

We ended the weekend with some homemade chili and pumpkin-corn muffins (recipes coming soon!).  It’s beginning to look feel a lot like Christmas!!


Off for my Monday workout – 7 miles plus the “Flex Machine” workout from Nike Training Club!


3 thoughts on “It happened…

  1. omg! those pups are freaking adorable!! and i am such a sucker for the christmas spirit!! especially slightly weird, but cute things like that penguin cup! love it!!

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