Stability Ball Ab Workout

I am really excited to for my first original workout for the blog, but before that I want to share a few photos in honor of Hug a Runner Day. So many things have changed in the time between these two photos but one thing will never change – my sister, Kellie, will always be one of my favorite runners to hug!!


Before our last high school XC race together – November 2007


Before my first marathon – March 2013

Okay, onto the workout!

One of my favorite workouts to do besides running is core work.  Its not just that I want flat abs or a six pack, but having a strong and stable core is essential for good running form!

I am currently in love with stability ball exercises, doing normal core exercises with the help of a stability ball makes each movement even more effective. Here is my current go-to core workout!


I’m sure that some of these exercises aren’t very familiar so below are so illustrations of them that I was able to find online!

Stability Ball Crunches

ball crunch

Stability Ball Jacknives

ball jacknive

Stability Ball Ab Rollouts

ball rollout

Stability Ball Plank

ball plank

Note: The source of the above photos can be found here.


14 thoughts on “Stability Ball Ab Workout

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