Things about me Thursday 11/21/2013 – My Family

My family is the most important thing to me! They are my support system, my cheerleaders, and (when I need it) my therapists. Have you ever read a book with an overwhelming number of characters, and it takes you until the middle of the book to actually sort out whose who?? Or is that just me? Anyways, this could be the case with my family and the blog.

There are so many of them and since they are bound to make frequent appearances here it could take awhile to sort them all out! So for this “Things about me Thursday” I will share with you all about my family! Here we go…

My Husband

Henri is my #1 fan! He rubs out my legs whenever I ask, will run to the gas station to pick up bags and bags of ice so I can take an ice bath, and always makes sure that I am getting the iron I need (aka – takes me out for burgers and fries).  He loves playing soccer, the Lakers, Manchester City, watching movies/tv, and eating Chips Ahoy by the sleeve!  He is my best friend and I don’t know what I would do without him!


Isn’t he so handsome?? 🙂

My Parents

I honestly don’t know who I would be without my parents! They have always supported me and showed my siblings and I that we are special and loved “to the moon and back”! I see so much of my parents in myself that it can be scary at time – but I also treasure it because I know that no matter how far apart we live I will always have a part of them with me!


One of my favorite photos from our wedding day!

My mom loves math, crossword puzzles, spicy foods, and coffee! One of my favorite things to do with my mom is sit at our kitchen counter sipping coffee and working on a crossword puzzle together!


Me and my mama, pre-wedding!

My dad works really hard to support our family but he still finds the time to be present for all of our important moments. Once he even flew all the way from Boston to California for ONE DAY just to see me run a cross country race. That is dedication! He is also a history buff, tells some pretty great “bad dad jokes”, and makes the best pancakes in the world (waffles too)!  He also has such a tender heart, which I hope I inherited at least a little of.


Both holding back tears as we walk down the aisle!

My Sisters

Ally is older than me by 8 years. She lives in Colorado with her husband, Ryan, and their dog, Mocha, who is such a sweetie! She is an accountant by trade but she also likes to run, cycle, ski, and do CrossFit! She and I also share a love for cooking and baking – if I ever need a recipe she’s the person I ask first!


Me and Henri with Ally and Ryan.

Kellie is the most loving and caring person that I know! When we were younger if any of us got hurt or was sad she would cry too.  She just loved us so much that it hurt her to see us hurting.  This is probably one of the main reasons why she is currently a nursing student and works at an Alzheimer’s facility. I can only imagine the joy that she brings to her patients!  She is also a really talented runner, but has been plagued with many injuries that prevent her from doing what she loves.  (I don’t usually like to admit this – but she beat me in a cross country race when I was a senior and she was a freshman, what a STUD-ESS!)


I love this girl to bits!

Melissa is my twin.  Okay, she’s actually six years younger than me but I swear sometimes I catch a glimpse of her and for a second I think I’m looking in a mirror! The other day I was trying to tag a photo of her and Facebook’s face recognition program asked me if I would like to tag myself – freaky right?? Melissa is a great student, an amazing runner, and always pins the most amazing looking food on Pinterest!


Monet is technically my sister-in-law but I love her as if she was my little sister! She is currently a senior at Concordia and will be graduating this spring – I can’t believe that I’ve known her since she was in high school!  Monet is one of the coolest people that you will ever meet. She listens to records, wears really awesome glasses, discovers amazing new music, watches obscure documentaries on Netflix, and interns at really neat companies. Honestly, SO COOL!


I think we could pass as sisters!

My Brother

My poor brother, Jonathan, is the lone boy surrounded by four sisters! He is the best brother that I could ask for, he loves to chat and spend time together as a family.  He is a truck driver and travels around the country – I am always jealous of the photos that he posts on Facebook of his travels!  He is really tall, loves classic rock, has grown his hair out for locks of love 3 times, and has a hollow leg like our grandpa (i.e. he can eat like a football player and stay as lean as a string bean)!


My In-Laws

My husbands parents are such wonderful people! They are very different from my family but they have welcomed me into their family since the first time that Henri brought me home to meet them five years ago. lh_0319 My mother-in-law is an amazing cook, I love spending time in the kitchen with her and learning her tricks for amazing Mexican food.  It is incredible how clean she keeps their house.  If someday I can be half the homemaker that she is I think I would make Henri a very happy husband.  She is also my hairdresser, so the fact that my hair is well taken care of is all thanks to her!


Mother-Son dance.

My father-in-law is the best handy man that I know. He has totally remolded their entire house over the past few years and it is absolutely beautiful.  He spends his spare time watching soccer, researching new projects to try, and transforming old furniture into completely new things!! Aside from being such a talented man he loves his family and would do anything for them!


I love my family so much, and I hope that this post has helped you learn a little about them – so that you can understand how important they are to my story!


Which of your parents’ traits have you inherited?

How many siblings do you have? 

If you have in-laws, are they like your family? Or are they completely different? 


*All photos included in this post (besides the one of my brother) were taken by the wonderful husband-wife pair at Henry Photography.  If you’re looking for photographers in the Boston area you should totally check them out!


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