A Family That Runs Together Stays Together

Every year my family runs a Turkey Trot Gobble Wobble together on Thanksgiving morning.  It is such a fun way to start our morning and we have consistently added to our group each year!  61912_10151327424187152_1563395048_n

Last year Henri and I went home for Thanksgiving and got to run everyone – it was such a blast!


A few years ago my youngest sister and I decided to make the fam matching shirts for the race.  We wen to Micheal’s, bought brown shirts and puff paint, and drew giant cartoon turkeys on the front of the shirts!


After that my mom got all professional about it and now we get customized t-shirts made! I’d loved these ones last year – huffin’ for stuffin’!! (Stuffing is one of my favorites after all!)

My dad, mom, and uncle!

My dad, mom, and uncle!

This year we will be sticking around Cali for Thanksgiving. But we found a Turkey Trot near us that we are going to run with my aunt uncle, and cousins!  My older sister and her husband will be visiting his family in Chicago – so there we’ll have 20 people running in three different races across the country this Thanksgiving!

My mom is so sweet, and even though we won’t be home she wanted to make sure we don’t miss out on the Thanksgiving t-shirt fun! This morning I received these in the mail!! (I am in love with the turkey’s little Pilgrim hat!)

photo 4 (26)

This year we even got names on the back – mine points to my favorite thing about the Thanksgiving meal!

photo 5 (27)

I cannot wait to wear these on Thanksgiving morning! It will shrink the distance between me and my family, if only in spirit, and make our race even more special!

I will miss getting to see this in person though! How cute is my mom??

My mom dressed up in her annual Thanksgiving Pilgrim outfit!

My mom dressed up in her annual Thanksgiving Pilgrim outfit!

Does your family run a Turkey Trot together?

Do you like to wear matching outfits for races? 

I think it makes it really fun, and everyone else can tell who you are with!


12 thoughts on “A Family That Runs Together Stays Together

  1. Love all the great pictures! So much love and fun!

    On my ‘bucket list’ is to get one of my kids to run ANY race with me … my wife has bad arthritis, so she cannot run at all. My older son also has joint issues, but he worked with a PT and I think if he did his exercises he could get there – I just don’t see it happening.

    That leaves my younger son, who just has no interest right now (at 15) … I’ll have to wear him down 🙂

  2. What a fun tradition! My family used to run turkey trots every year, but that was when I hated running 😉 Now we do other things like hiking and playing “turkey bowl” but I did used to secretly like the turkey trots no matter how much I complained.

  3. How fun! 🙂 I keep saying we’re going to do a Thanksgiving race and this year was going to be the first year… until I got injured. I’m back to running but not nearly at the point to just bust out a great race.

    Hope you have a great week!

    • That’s so great that you’ve convinced your friends and family to start running! Don’t give up on your parents and brother there are members of our family that are running the turkey trot this year that I NEVER thought we would get to run a race!

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