Sunday Summary – 11/24/2013

Laci wanted to make sure that I remembered to share her new haircut so she stood on my computer until I took her photo! What a silly girl!

photo 1 (33)

I got some really good runs in this week, and I’m really excited that my pace is finally getting back to where it should be!  I also did my first double digit run since coming back and it felt AMAZING even though I ran on one of the hilliest trails around!  I finally made it back to a yoga class on Friday, it’s been far too long!

My runs and workouts from the week!

Monday – 7 mile run @ 7:24 pace, NTC “Flex Machine” workout <– such a good whole body workout!

flex machine

Tuesday – 5 mile run @ 7:28 pace, 21:40 mins elliptical (2 miles), Stability Ball Ab Workout

Wednesday – 7 mile run @ 7:21 pace

Thursday – 5 mile run @ 7:24 pace (on treadmill), 20:21 mins elliptical (2 miles), crunches and push-ups

Friday – MORNING: 6 mile run @ 7:30 pace (very windy), 1 mile walk on treadmill @ 14:17 pace, NTC “Leaner Legs” workout AFTERNOON: 1 hour dynamic vinyasa yoga

photo 5 (1)

The workout was these 5 moves three times through – I was so sore the next morning.

Saturday – 10 mile hilly run @ 7:31 pace

Sunday – Rest day, easy walk with the dogs, stretching, hot tub.

TOTAL MILES: 40 miles

Ever since I read this post I’ve really been getting into the whole meal planning thing!  To motivate myself to keep up with this I’ve decided to add my weekly meal plans to my Sunday Summary posts!

This week I got all my planning and shopping done on Saturday while the puppies were at their grooming appointment! This is what we’ll be eating this week!

meal plan 11.24.1Really looking forward to this short work week, Thanksgiving with family, and the official start of the Christmas season! 🙂

How did your workouts/runs go this week?

Yoga or no??


5 thoughts on “Sunday Summary – 11/24/2013

  1. New reader, just strolled across your blog! 🙂

    Those Nike workouts look great! (and tough!) I totally want to try them out! Seems like a fun way to mix things up for sure!

    Me and yoga have one of those relationships where I don’t really love it, and I can’t seem to really get into it, buuuuuut I know how beneficial it is for me and how good it is for me!

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