Countdown to Thanksgiving!


I can’t believe that it is right around the corner. I should really get baking!  This year I’m in charge of making the pies. Our group is pretty big so I’m making FOUR whole pies: Libby’s Pumpkin Pie, two of my uncle’s amazing apple pies (I’ll have to ask his permission to share his recipe because this is one of the best apple pies ever), and this Sweet Potato and Pecan Pie from Cooking Light.

I might have to enlist Henri’s help with all the baking tonight.  Is it wrong to listen to Christmas music while you do your Thanksgiving baking?? I hope not, because its happening!

I couldn’t think of anything else to right about today besides my excitement for Thursday! I am just really looking forward to family time and a big pile of food like this.  It makes it hard to think about anything else right now…

photo 4 (30)

oh, and the desserts! One of the best things about Thanksgiving!

photo 5 (31)

After looking through some pictures from last year I am resisting the urge to run to the store to buy ingredients for this baked brie…

photo 1 (37)

This is seriously soooo good with the cinnamon wheat thins!

Holidays are always a fun time to try out cute Pinterest-inspired treats.  I wonder what my sister will whip up this year… It’ll hard to beat this adorable Fruit Turkey that she made last year!

photo 2 (36)

Clearly, I am psyched for Thanksgiving! Can’t wait to get started on baking tonight! Pies galore – here we come!

What are you making for Thanksgiving this year?

Homemade or store bought pie crusts?

My family always uses the pre-made Pillsbury ones. If my uncle, the expert baker, uses them I don’t consider it cheating! haha

Are you already for Thursday or do you still have a lot of preparations to make?


8 thoughts on “Countdown to Thanksgiving!

  1. ahhhh!! thanksgiving is my favorite food holiday on the planet. i am now extra excited. i always make a chocolate pecan pie and it is ALWAYS the hit of the party.

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