11/28/2013 – Things About me Thursday – Thankfulness

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I took some time last night to reflect on the things in my life that I am thankful for.  Below are just a few of the many things on my long long list.

My Family

I am blessed to have grown up with two wonderful parents, four amazing brothers and sisters, six grandparents, and many many aunts, uncles, and cousins.  My family has always been very close and I am beyond thankful for the love that holds us all together.


The whole fam. (Source)

This past June I married the love of my life. I am thankful every day for Henri, his love, his hard work, and his commitment to building our life together.


I love this man!

I am also very grateful for Henri’s family, who have welcomed me into their family with open arms.


Christmas 2012


Me with my mother and sister-in-law at my graduation.

I am also thankful for super silly photos with my sissies!


That time we did Movember…


I don’t know if we can blame this one on the sun.

photo (8)

Riding the carousal!



Physical Health

I am very thankful for my health, and the health of everyone in my family.  I have had my fair share of anemia, minor stress fractures, and running related injuries but I am so grateful that I have avoided major injuries that might have sidelined me from running. I am so so thankful that I have been able to run competitively for the last eleven years – and I look forward to many more years of running in the future.

L.A. Marathon 2013

Check out the look of joy on that face! Yay marathons!

My Education

Education was easy to take for granted when I was still in school.  But ever since graduation I have become more aware of how lucky I am that my parents were able to provide me with a college education.  I absolutely loved my time at Pepperdine and am thankful for every moment I spent there and every lesson I learned from my professors and classmates

photo (9)

View from atop Pepperdine!


The world that we live in is so amazingly beautiful and diverse.  I am thankful for the opportunities that I have had to explore it with family and friends.  I love to bond with Henri over our travels.  One of my favorite things about traveling is learning about new cultures, languages, and cuisines.  I am thankful for the modern modes of transportation that make traveling around the world more convenient and comfortable!


The London Eye


The Leaning Tower of Pisa


The Roman Colosseum

Financial Stability

Since our pre-marital class last spring, Henri and I have been working towards creating a budget and sticking to it every month.  Our efforts have improved greatly and I am very proud of the progress that we have made with our finances.  I am thankful for the resources that we have found to help us on our journey of .  We have by no means perfected the process of budgeting but we are getting better at it each month.  I am thankful that we have recently become completely financially independent of our parents (we finally got around to getting our own cell phone account) in September and that we are both working hard to build our life together!


What’s one thing that you are thankful for this Thanksgiving?


Now off to run the Turkey Trot with my aunt and cousin, and then dinner and desserts at the in-laws’! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!


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