My Ultimate Christmas Wishlist

Ever since Thanksgiving I have been receiving texts, e-mails, and phone calls about my Christmas list.  I honestly hadn’t put a lot of thought into it at the time, but last night I took the time to sit down and think through a few things that I need/would like for Christmas this year.

Of course they ALL have to do with running… probably the result of realizing that Boston is 20 WEEKS AWAY and wanting to have all the best gear for my training!  Now, I do not in any way expect to get all of these gifts this year (what a treat that would be) but a girl can dream right?? 🙂

So without future ado… My Ultimate Christmas Wishlist!

10. Running Figurine Necklace – Who doesn’t love running themed jewelry?? This necklace is so adorable – I would totally wear it everyday! 🙂

Running Girl Necklace

9. Nike 2″ Epic Run Shorts – Its been far too long since I’ve bought any new running shorts!  Recently my spandex have started falling apart – maybe I should stop jumping fences to do workouts on the track? These shorts look perfect for long runs, tempos, and heading to the gym. They come in a bunch of different colors – so fun!

Nike 2 Epic Run

8. Kettle-ball Set – As I posted a few days ago, I’ve started getting into the Nike Training Club workouts. Quite a few of them incorporate kettle-balls and my gym doesn’t have any.  A few (light) kettle-balls would be so fun to start practicing these exercises with!


7. Camelbak Dart – I currently use this FuelBelt to hydrate during my long runs.  It works great but sometimes it gives me a rash where it rubs against my belly.  I’ve heard great things about this Camelbak backpack and I would love to have it for my Boston Marathon training!

Camelbak Dart Waterpack

6. High Density Foam Roller – I never got around to buying one of these in college because the trainers’ always had them for us to use.  I’ve recently realized that just stretching isn’t enough for me – I really need to start foam rolling again!

High Density Foam Roller

5. iPod Shuffle – It would be so great not to have to lug around my iPhone on my runs to listen to my music.  Ever since they came out with the iPod Shuffle I’ve wanted one!  It would also be nice that there is no screen to break if I drop it or step on it at the gym (its not even funny how cracked my phone’s screen is). I just wish they had it in orange!

iPod Nano

4. ProCompression Retro Marathon Socks – These socks are amazing! I have a pair of Nike’s version and I wish that I could wear them every day.  That would get a little nasty so another pair would really come in handy!  This style is so cool. I am loving the chevron-like design!

ProCompression Retro Marathon Socks

3. Garmin Forerunner 205 – My Garmin Forerunner 10 is perfect for everyday runs and a few types of workouts, but the functions on the Forerunner 205 are more useful for interval type workouts and tempos.  I used to have the Forerunner 305 and loved it but hardly ever used the heart rate monitor, so I think the 205 would be perfect for my current needs!

Garmin Forerunner 205

2. Newton Distance Racing Sneakers – Asics just discontinued my favorite racing shoes. 😦 I’ve been doing a little bit of research into new racing shoes and these Newtons have stolen my heart! The bright colors are so much fun – even waking up early for a marathon would be a blast if these shoes were on my feet!

Newton Distance Shoes

1. The Rock ‘N’ Roll Racing Series Tour Pass – I have made an early New Year’s Resolution to run more races in 2014 than I did in 2013.  Considering that I’ve only run 3 races so far this year and only have 1 more on the schedule, that shouldn’t be so hard.  But races can be expensive – especially marathons and half-marathons!  The number 1 thing on my Christmas list is the Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon Tour Pass. By paying a set amount you get access to sign up for either 3 or an unlimited amount of Rock ‘N’ Roll Races throughout the year! Rock ‘N’ Roll races are so much fun and always have a great atmosphere.  One of these passes would really encourage me to meet my resolution! 🙂

Rock 'N' Roll Tour Pass

Any or all of these things would make me a very happy camper runner on Christmas morning!

What’s on your Christmas list this year?

Running presents or regular presents?

Any other racing sneakers you would recommend besides the Newtons?


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