Things about me Thursday 12/4/2013 – Disney Edition

Yesterday was the entire staff at the church where I work was treated to a Staff Christmas Day at… DISNEYLAND!

The happiest place on earth!

The happiest place on earth!

It was such a great day of bonding, laughter, celebration, and lots of fun. We spent the morning doing a scavenger hunt in teams – my team didn’t win but we had a ton of fun. I loved seeing the park all decked out for Christmas!

photo 3 (45)

Christmas tree on Main Street!

photo 5 (41)

Mickey-shaped garlands strung across the street.

After the scavenger hunt we all met up for lunch at Big Thunder Mountain Barbecue. I’ve never eaten theme-park food (besides the standard ice cream, churros, or popcorn) and I was impressed with how amazing the food was.  It was served family style which made the experience even more fun!

photo 2 (49)

Ribs, chicken, beans, coleslaw, and corn bread!

The afternoon was spent roaming around riding some rides, browsing some of the stores, and just spending time together.

The snowy castle.

The snowy, Christmas-y castle.

I had a wonderful day – what a special way to celebrate Christmas with my co-workers! In honor of our trip, today’s Things about me Thursday will be dedicated to all of my favorite Disney things.

My Disney Favorites… 1, 2, 3 – GO!

Favorite Disney Character: Tigger! This might be mainly because he is my favorite color, orange, but I just love all things Tigger.  I even bought this mug at Disney World a few years ago and it is still my all-time favorite!

photo 5 (20)

Favorite Ride at Disneyland: I am a HUGE fan of roller coasters so my favorite Disneyland ride has got to be Space Mountain! Its one of only a few actual coaster rides.

Favorite Classic Disney Movie: The Lion King! I even used to make my little sister play “lions” with me when we were younger and we would pretend the staircase was Pride Rock. (p.s. Lion King in 3D was wonderful!)

lion king

Favorite Disney World Park: Epcot – by a landslide! The concept of having a park with different areas representing various countries around the world is just so fun. Plus, they even have a Norwegian area where they sell Lefse – makes a Norwegian like me proud!

Favorite Disney-Pixar Movie: This is such a hard one because there are just so many to pick from. I am a big fan of Brave – especially because of the strong female character. That girl rocks – what a great role model for little girls! (“Up” is also pretty awesome!)


Favorite Disney Princess: Another hard one, but Rapunzel. I want long, beautiful blonde hair! Plus, Tangled was a great movie!!


Favorite – Disneyland or Disney World: Disney World!

Ah!! Now I have Disney fever! My sister-in-law really wants us to all get annual passes this year and I am so tempted to take her up on the offer – if only they were cheaper!! In any case, I can’t wait to go back again – Disney at Christmas really is the greatest!

Who is your favorite Disney Princess?

Disneyland or Disney World?

Any tips to save money on Annual Passes?


4 thoughts on “Things about me Thursday 12/4/2013 – Disney Edition

  1. That is seriously SO COOL that your work took you guys to Disneyland! I need a job like that! I’m definitely a Disney World lover… I really want to run a Disney race there!

  2. Favorite Disney princess was always Cinderella.
    I’d probably say Disney World but I was also in 3rd grade when I went there and I was 22 when I went to Disney Land…. so I don’t really feel like that gave me the best judgment 🙂

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