A Great Run

It has been so chilly here in the mornings recently! (I can’t bring myself to say cold because compared to what I’m used to in the winter – its NEVER cold in California) I have really been enjoying running in this weather – even if it means that Henri will refuse to hug me when I get home because I’m so cold.

photo 1 (3)

My running this week has been going really well.  I had one of my best runs yesterday – 9 miles with a push the last mile.  Average 7:12 pace with a 6:40 last mile!

photo 2 (51) Afterwards I headed to the gym to do some core work – and while I was there Henri sent me this adorable picture of Finn and Laci – I’m obsessed with pictures of them snuggling!

photo (15)

After Thanksgiving last week we resumed our Thursday night dinners with Monet.  We had tacos using the pre-marinated carne asada from Trader Joe’s (one of my favs!) and Mexican rice. Tacos should always be stuffed so much that you can barely pick them up!

photo 5 (43)

 Dessert was blondies topped with chocolate ice cream… I used Trader Joe’s box mix for the blondies cause I was busy making Christmas cookies for a party this weekend and they actually turned out really good!

photo 3 (49)

So much ice cream you can hardly see the blondie!

The rest of the evening was spent watching t.v. while I made a thousand foot paper chain for a church party next week!

photo 5 (44)

I’m so psyched for all the Christmas festivities that are all starting this weekend! Two parties tonight along! Woah!

How cold is it where you are?

Brownies or blondies?

How many Christmas parties do you have in the next 3 weeks?


9 thoughts on “A Great Run

  1. I just stumbled upon your blog while reading over at Blonde Ponytail. I have to say, that pic of the two dogs is just precious.

    We have had some crazy weather here in Alabama, going from extreme lows to extreme highs and back again has everyone worrying about tornadoes. Hopefully we will not have any natural disasters this time of year! I prefer blondes vs. brownies, but my husband likes brownies better and he usually wins out. As far as Christmas parties, too many to count. I get stressed thinking about it.

  2. Awesome run girl!!
    We’ve had some crazy weather here recently- yesterday was in the 70’s, the next few days it is suppose to rain and by tomorrow (Sunday) drop to the high 30’s. WHAT?! 🙂 Oh North Carolina.

  3. Nice run with a speedy finish! I enjoyed some surprisingly cold weather this morning – low 40’s after a week in the high 70’s (it hit 80 on Wednesday). I love it when I do laundry and I have thick sweaters in the same load as light T’s…

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