2 Parties and 2 Dinners

A few random things on a Saturday morning…

Melissa got her second college acceptance letter yesterday – from the University of Wisconsin! I am so so proud! I secretly really hope that she’ll go there just so I can go visit and eat a lot of great ice cream and cheese… and maybe watch some really good football.


Mel, please don’t hate me for this pic! I LOVE YOU!

Henri and I are both in desperate need of new sneakers – mine current pair is WAY past their prime and after the Turkey Trot last week Henri re-caught the running bug and needed some sneakers to start training again! (I am so excited about this!)

I found a great deal for both of our shoes at RoadRunner Sports so I ordered them online on Thursday. They arrived in the mail YESTERDAY! Who doesn’t love free next day delivery!?!

photo 2 (53)

Loving that these new kicks are my two fav colors!

Both Henri and my work Christmas parties were last night – what are the odds?? So after baking a few batching of cookies and getting all dressed up we headed out for a night of parties…

We didn’t originally plan on eating two dinners, but hey, sometimes it happens.

My party started earlier so we headed there first. Our HR girl made these delicious bacon-wrapped figs that were stuffed with goat cheese! Henri had three and I don’t think I’ve ever seen him eat a fig before – so that’s a sign of how tasty they were!

photo 5 (46)I knew that we were eating dinner at Henri’s party later so I tried to take small helpings. I don’t think I really succeeded – at least half of my plate was green! 🙂

photo 1 (57)

After too little time with my co-workers we were hopping back in the car and heading to Henri’s party.  This is his first Christmas working at his company so last night was my first time meeting a lot of his co-workers.  It was really nice to be able to put faces with names and get to know the people that he spends a lot of time each day with!

Dinner Round two! That little cup was winter squash soup – it was so tasty but we had to sip it like tea because there were no spoons… classy right??

photo 2 (55)

Henri’s party also included an awards ceremony – there were so many inside jokes and laughter! I made me so happy to see how much fun his company has together!

P.S. Downton Abbey inspired hair is always a good idea!

photo 2 (54)

Now I’m going to go snuggle up with a blanket for the rest of this chilly, gloomy, rainy day!

Happy Weekend!


2 thoughts on “2 Parties and 2 Dinners

  1. You can never go wrong with anything inspired by Downton! Love that show!

    That’s funny both parties were on the same day. I have 3 things coming up, all just for my job alone! We have a sales dept party, a whole company party and then my dept itself (smaller portion of sales) is having a potluck…all in the space of less than 2 weeks! Yikes!

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