Back at it…

After two days of this…

photo 1 (60)

Puppy snuggle therapy.

photo 5 (47)

Ginger Ale and Saltines

photo 3 (50)

My hero on his way out the door to get saltines and juice.

photo 4 (49)

LOTS of T.V. and movies!

photo 4 (50)

Soup, soup and more soup!

… Henri and I were back at it yesterday! Thank goodness this was a relatively short bug.

I am one of those people that has a really hard time with being sick because I hate not being able to run.   I was really proud of myself for being okay taking Monday off completely to make sure I had totally gotten over whatever it was that we had!

Yesterday morning I went for a nice, easy 6-mile run.  I didn’t want to overdo it – since all I had really eaten the 48 hours before was saltines, soup, apple, juice, and ginger ale. I also did Paula Radcliffe’s Marathon Prep Workout on NTC – I love that one!

I know that its already Wednesday but I would like to share the fun Saturday we had before the plague hit us!

Henri had been craving pizza all last week so I found this really amazing pizza place down near the beach for date night.

Their menus were super cool. Mine had a bunch of information about Italian pronunciation and Henri’s was all about things that were invented by Italians. My favorite was…

photo 1 (62)

We each ordered a pizza but ended up sharing them because they both looked SO GOOD! I had the one with the huge hunks of mozzarella and Henri’s had a bunch of meat on it – I mean pepperoni, sausage, and two kinds of bacon! YUM!

photo 2 (60)

After pizza we met up with some of our friends to see this house that goes all out for Christmas.  The lights outside are programmed to music and the entire bottom floor of their house is decorated with all sorts of Christmas things! A few of my favorite were…

photo 2 (61)

This manger scene! My family has the same one but I just love these figurines!

photo 4 (51)

This tree covered in white and red ornaments!


photo 3 (54)

This adorable (but blurry) Mickey Mouse ornament!

It was such a fun house to walk around and see – it is amazing that these people open their house to anyone throughout the whole Christmas season!

photo 4 (52)

In front of one of the many trees!

It has been so fun to do something for the holidays every weekend since Thanksgiving! I’m really in the Christmas spirit!! Can’t wait for the 25th! 🙂

What Christmas activities have you been up to?

Do you go all out with Christmas decorations or do you keep it simple? 

Our decorations are pretty simple. Just our tree and a couple little knick-knacks that I pull out this time of year!


6 thoughts on “Back at it…

  1. I’m sorry you were feeling so sick but I’m glad you’re feeling better! I’m lucky I don’t get sick often because I have a really hard time taking days off running too. I just love it so much! I hope you get to catch up on all the good foods you were missing for those few days 😉

  2. Glad to hear you’re feeling better! That Christmas house looks awesome. There are several in the towns near us that do the lights timed with music thing. Some of them even put boxes in their front yards for donations to different charities.

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