This Year in Running 2013 – Things About Me Thursday 12/12/2013

This Things About Me Thursday post will be a little different.  During my internet surfing time the other day I stumbled upon Miss Zippy’s Year of Running Link-Up – I love the idea of looking back at your running at the end of the year and thinking about it in different terms than miles and race times!

Here’s a summary of my 2013 running!

Best Race Experience of 2013

This is an easy one, seeing as I literally only ran three races this entire year. My favorite race was by far the L.A. Marathon in March. It was my first marathon (actually my first ever race over 7 miles) and in my 23 years I have NEVER felt any greater accomplishment than when I was crossing that finish line.

Crossing the finish line.

I also beat my goal time by 5 minutes which always helps makes a good case for a favorite race! It was so great that my husband, parents-in-laws, sister, and her boyfriend were all there to cheer me on! It is so great to have family that understand and support my running goals and dreams!

With my cheerleaders before the race!

With some of my cheerleaders before the race!

Best Run of the Year

My favorite run this year was my favorite not because it was extra long, or a great workout, or had beautiful scenery.  It was my favorite because of the day that it fell on and the people I got to share it with.


On the morning of my wedding some of my running friends from high school and cross country woke up extra extra early to meet me for a short, slow run.  We ran the 4 mile loop around the lake near our wedding location and just had a great time chatting, jumping over tree root, and enjoying the beauty of nature before all the crazy wedding prep started!

Best New Piece of Gear

A few years ago I started have some minor shin and foot problems. I have spent the time since just muscling through the pain whenever it flared up and forgetting about it when it went away. I finally decided that I should do something about it and purchased my first pair of compression socks (these are specifically from Nike).

photo (16)

Please ignore my knobbly knees…

These socks have basically put an end to all my pains – I am hoping to expand my collection in 2014 so that I’m not always sporting this bright orange pair (as much as I am in love with the color)! I love my compression socks so much keep an eye out for a post in the near future about the benefits of compression socks and my favorite brands!

Best Piece of Running Advice I Received

Before I ran L.A. in March my boss (who is also a collegiate XC/Track coach) told me that no matter what the last six miles of the marathon would be incredibly difficult. He also encouraged me that I could run faster than the goal I had in mind for myself. This advice gave me the confidence to really push myself throughout the whole race!

Most Inspirational Runner

As I wrote about in this post, I believe that the most inspirational runner of 2013 was Meb Keflezighi in his showing at the New York City Marathon! He demonstrated the real spirit of running and carried himself with true grace. Love that guy!

To sum up my running this year in a few words…

My running this year was really relaxed which resulted in fanning the flame of my racing desires!

I had such a fun time reminiscing on this past year of running that now I’m looking forward to setting my goals for 2014 – which includes making it to the finish line of the Boston Marathon!!

Your turn – answer one or more of the following questions above! 🙂


8 thoughts on “This Year in Running 2013 – Things About Me Thursday 12/12/2013

  1. You have had a great running year! I love my compression socks- that’s my best investment this year by far. I have 6 pairs… and still growing. I can’t help it! As for the wedding day run, I hope to do the same type of thing on my big day someday. It’s what I love most and doing it with the people you care about, that just sounds perfect. Let’s hope 2014 brings just as much fun to running as 2013 did!

      • I have a bunch of pro compression socks which I love and they’re always discounted 40% on all the blogs(skinny runner). I LOVE my new sleeves by 2xu but I wouldn’t recommend zensah for anything other than sleeping-mine stretched out quickly and fall down if I run in them

  2. I absolutely LOVE your favorite run. How cool is that? And your coaches advice on the marathon was so spot on. Great year for you–congrats! Thanks for linking in.

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