Finn and Laci’s Christmas Stockings 2013

Running with friends really is the best thing in the world. I ran 13 miles with a few girls from college this morning and the time flew by! We also did a little surge at the end that felt much easier than it probably would have on my own (more on that run tomorrow).

Today Henri and I are heading to the dog park with the pups to tire them out then have a few more things to get done before we head over to his parents’ house for our Christmas party/cookie exchange tonight!

Random post today because I don’t see another time between now and Christmas to share! 🙂 But I like random, so…

We aren’t bringing Finn and Laci home with us for Christmas because its just too much of a hassle to travel with dogs on a plane. So they’ll be opening their presents tomorrow when we celebrate Christmas with Henri’s family. That’s probably good too because I think Finn could wait until Wednesday!

photo 3 (83)

This is what they’ll find inside!


Inside Laci’s penguin stocking is…

photo 1 (93)


A bag of mini tennis balls – She loves to play fetch but it is really hard for her to pick up the normal sized tennis balls in her little mouth. photo 3 (82)

Mini beefhide bones – Again, her little mouth needs little chew toys!
photo 2 (89)

A bag of Beggin’ Littles – What dog doesn’t like Beggin’ Strips? When we get back from Christmas I’m hoping to start obedience training her so these will come in handy for that too!photo 1 (91)


In addition to some of his own Beggin’ Littles, Finn’s Santa stocking also has…

photo 1 (92)A chicken flavored bone – Henri’s grandma is going to be watching Finn while we’re gone and he can really be a handful for her (bless her heart for being willing to watch him for us). We’re hoping that the size of this bone will at least distract him/keep him calm for a few of the days he is visiting her!

photo 4 (77)

A tiger-shaped water bottle holder – Finn used to have a giraffe version of this toy and he loved it to pieces – literally! I am so excited to give him his new tiger one. It can get really loud because when he chews on it he is crushing a water bottle but it can also keep him busy for hours!

photo 2 (91)

I always love to get presents for our dogs on Christmas and their birthdays! Even though they have no idea why they’re getting presents they get so happy which is just the cutest thing ever!

Gotta run – lots to do today!

If you have pets, do you buy them Christmas/birthday presents?

What did you get for your pets this year?

**Note: This is not a sponsored post. I bought all of these items on my own and just wanted to share because they are toys that our dogs enjoy! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Finn and Laci’s Christmas Stockings 2013

  1. We exchange pet presents with our best friends. They have a cat and we have two cats. This year, we exchanged our gifts last night. Our little girl cat got some treats plus an awesome laser pointer that she LOVES and our little boy got some treats plus a new toy that has catnip in the middle that he adores. We got their cat some tins of tuna and my wife knitted him a purrrrfectly sized blanket just for him.

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