Christmas Party & Cookie Exchange

Our Christmas party last night was a blast! There was great company, good food, lots of sweets, and many many laughs!

Dinner was a baked potato bar with a choice of regular or sweet potatoes. The main topping was Pulled BBQ Chicken.

BBQ ChickenIn addition to the chicken we also had butter, cheese, avocado, green onions, sour cream, and bacon to top the potatoes. As well as a salad for a side.

Baked Potato BarFor dessert we had a hot cocoa bar with marshmallows, chocolate chips, whipped cream, and peppermint stirrers. I used this recipe for crock-pot hot cocoa (omitting the chile powder) and it was a BIG hit. I will definitely be making it again!

Hot Cocoa BarWe had so many cookies everyone ate their fill, took some home, and we still have a big platter of left-overs!

Christmas Cookie PlattersIt was great to catch up with our college friends that are all home for the holidays…

Aneasha, Hayley, and Me

Some gals from PEP XC!

Peperdine Guys

Pepperdine Guys!

… and old co-workers that I don’t see nearly enough!


Me and my best buddy from PwC!

After eating, we played a few rounds of Telephone Pictionary, and hung out in the the hot tub. Not your typical Christmas party but we had a blast! (please note that the last two pictures above were taken post-hot tub – I did not wear sweatpants the whole night)

This is the second year in a row Henri and I have hosted a Christmas party and I hope that it is a tradition that we will keep up in the coming years because it is always so fun to get all our friends together!

Alumni, how often do you get together with your college friends?

Do you have any party games you would suggest? I’m looking for some more!


8 thoughts on “Christmas Party & Cookie Exchange

  1. Aw, I love this! My college friends are so spread out. I went out of state and so I don’t go “home” to my college town for holidays and they have all scattered across the US for work so even on weekend trips to my school, they aren’t around. We make an effort once a year or so to spend a full weekend together in someone’s city and rotate it around.

  2. I love playing the game “Have you ever.” Totally opposite of “Never have I ever,” and not a drinking game. Everyone sits in a circle with one less seats than people. One person starts the game in the middle of the circle with “Have you ever…” and they say something odd that they have done (Example: Have you ever broken a bone?). Whoever has done it gets up and has to run to a seat that is not theirs nor directly beside them. Whoever doesn’t make it to a seat stands in the middle and says a new “Have you ever.” We play it often with our church small group. You always learn things about people that blow your mind, and it always ends up being a lot of fun.

  3. Best hot cocoa! Tommy and I had so much fun, we are definitely playing pictuonary telephone at Christmas this year. Thanks again for hosting such a fun party!!

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