Christmas #1

Since we won’t be in California for Christmas Day we celebrated with the in-laws yesterday.

My mother-in-law went all out for breakfast! The only thing I contributed to the meal was the gingerbread pancakes (p.s. these are the only 2 shaped pancakes of the whole batch – the rest ended up round, haha)
Christmas BreakfastAfter breakfast we went for a long hike with the dogs. Our attempts at a photo all turned out like this…

Hiking #1Literally, all of them! At least the pups look good in this one!Hiking #2We spent quite a bit of time lounging on the couch watching Pawn Stars (one of my father-in-law’s faves).

Christmas #1

Henri’s grandma made us Chile Rellenos for dunch (dinner/lunch) and they were so spicy but so good!

chile rellenos

We opened presents and even the pups got in on the action. Laci was so in love with her mini tennis balls she wanted to play with them while they were still in the bag!

Laci opening her stocking

BUT the best present of the day was by far Monet’s new beach cruiser! It was so cute how excited she was!!

Monet's Huffy

Henri’s mom and grandma are each watching one of the dogs so at the end of the night we had to say goodbye to the fur babies until January 2nd. I was really sad to leave them – but apparently Finn was disinterested in my farewell kisses! 😦

bye bye FinnBoy I’ll miss seeing that face on Christmas morning!

Merry early Christmas – two days until the real deal!


10 thoughts on “Christmas #1

  1. Aw what a fun day! My family pictures ALWAYS come out looking like that. Least photogenic family award definitely goes to mine haha I hope your next Christmas is just as awesome as the first one 🙂

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