It’s been 6 months?!?


We are taking a red-eye flight – woohoo. BUT I really can’t wait to see these smiling faces!

19 Mile Drive with the Girls

Today is also the six month anniversary of our wedding. Its hard to believe that I’ve been married my best friend for 6 months already! We are going to go on a little dinner date tonight before we head to the airport – the best way to start off vacation in my opinion!


On our honeymoon in the Bahamas!

I took some time in the past few days to reflect on our marriage so far and wanted to share six (in honor of our 6 months) things that I love about being married and six things that I love about my hubby! This list doesn’t even begin to cover all of the things that I love but is just a small selection of things that I have been loving recently!

Things I Love About Marriage

1. Spending holidays together

Throughout our years of dating Henri and I never got to spend holidays together since our families live so far away from each other.  We would spend Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years texting each other about what we were up to. If we were lucky we would find a few minutes when we were both free so we could chat on the phone really quick (this was also particularly difficult since we were in completely different time zones).

photo 4 (56)

Thanksgiving 2012

One of the best things about being married is that we now stay together on holidays. Technically, we started traveling together on holidays after we got engaged but Thanksgiving and Christmas really do feel a more special when we celebrate with each other and our families.

photo 5 (53)

Christmas 2012

2. Getting to call him my husband

This may sounds a little crazy, but Henri and I knew that we wanted to marry each other about a month after we started dating! After that night when we told each other we spent 3 years as boyfriend and girlfriend and then a year and a half as fiances.  After such a long wait it is just so fun to finally be husband and wife! Plus, I my new initials are pretty sweet – L.A.F. – like laugh, I LOVE IT!

3. Spending quiet nights together at home

Henri and I are both big home-bodies. I do love the nights that we manage to get out for dinner and a date but sometimes a cozy night at home is just the best! Some of our favorite things to do are…

Play Rummy 500 – this doesn’t happen very often.  It usually takes a little convincing before Henri will play – he doesn’t like getting his butt kicked! 😉

photo 3 (59)

Make a tasty treat together.  Henri is really great at helping with any kind of prep-work – the other day he helped me peel apples for pie!

photo 4 (57)

Most often then I like to admit, we eat dinner on the couch. This is Henri’s favorite thing!

photo 3 (58)

But most of our nights just consist of cuddling on the couch with the pups.  I could never get sick of this view!

snuggle bugs

All my snuggle bugs on my lap at the same time!

4. Puppy parenting together

We are a few years away from having children but I really love caring for our two puppies together. I think that we will be better parents because we had dogs first. We’ve already figured out a lot about our different parenting methods. All I’ll say is that I am totally going to be the softy with our little kiddos!

If Finn and Laci’s love is any sign of our parenting skills – I think we will do just fine with our future human children!

photo 1 (68)

Read to me mommy!

photo 4 (60)

Kisses for little Laci

5. Being “in it” together

One of my absolute favorites about being married is that Henri and I are officially a team – for life! I love the conversations that we have been having over the past few months – about our goals, our wishes, where we want to live, how we want to raise our family. It is all very exciting to discuss and dream about our future!

6. Welcoming Henri home at the end of everyday

Call me old-fashioned (like my 50’s apron) but I love love LOVE welcoming Henri at the door every night when he gets home with a kiss and a soon to be ready dinner.  It is just one of the many ways that I enjoy caring for my hubby that works so hard for us.

photo 3 (63)My sister-in-law made us take these photos when she was over for dinner one nightphoto 3 (62)

Things I Love About Henri

1. When he commits to something he is very dedicated.

One of my favorite examples of this is his devotion to his soccer team.  He watches the English Premier League and his team is Manchester City.  He is such a dedicated fan that he is willing to wake up at 4:45 AM on his weekends to watch them play live!! (This trait also plays itself out in his work – but that is a much more boring example).

photo 1 (70)

What a cutie, huh?!

2. He doesn’t shy away from being silly with me.

I can be very silly at times and I love that Henri can be too. He gets me and is willing to play along when I feel like being goofy! A couple that laughs together stays together, right?

photo 1 (71)

Silly faces!

photo 2 (70)

He let me “style” his hair!

photo 3 (64)

Flour fight in the kitchen!!

3. He supports me in everything that I do.

Henri has always been a big supporter of my running. He once drove all the way from Malibu to San Fransisco just to watch me run a 5k! What a guy!!

But what I really love is that Henri is always willing to support my crazy ideas – like starting this blog or that one time that I thought getting a Flemish Giant bunny would be a good idea…

photo 1 (72)

Before she grew to up to be 15 POUNDS!photo 2 (71)

4. Similar to #3, he takes an interest in my interests.

When I love something Henri is always willing to give it a chance. He even let me drag him into watching Grey’s Anatomy and Law and Order: SVU and now we watch it together every week! I love this about Henri because it means that we get to spend more time together doing things that we both enjoy! 🙂

5. He has a sweet tooth as big as mine.

Most guys I know prefer savory over sweet – but Henri is always in the mood for dessert, which I love! What girl wants to eat brownies and ice cream all alone?? haha


6. He cleans up real nice!

Who doesn’t love when their fella sports a suit? Henri looks so handsome when he dresses up – I LOVE it! The best is his new love of bow-ties!

photo 1 (73)

Check out that snazzy bow-tie!

photo 5 (56)

And just because I’m obsessed with them and love looking at them – some of our wedding photos (warning: this may or may not be a photo dump).

My hubby getting ready for the ceremony


My mom and sisters lacing up my dress


Henri’s first sight of me walking down the aisle


Walking down the aisle with my daddy (trying not to cry)


Together at the altar


The first kiss


My family


Henri’s family


Laughter with my bridesmaids


Henri with his groomsmen and ring bearerslh_0087

Kisses from my parents


So in love with this man


Together forever, hand-in-hand


Stolen kisses


Our first dance


Father-Daughter Dance to Butterfly Kisses (Bob Carlisle)


Mother-Son Dance


Being led around the dance floor by my grandpa – can you believe that he’s going to be 90 in February??




lh_0031 lh_0012 lh_0469


All above photos were taken and edited by Henry Photographers – a husband and wife pair in the Boston area. You can view their website here.

The last six months of marriage have been truly magical – I am so excited for what the coming decades have in store for us!


3 thoughts on “It’s been 6 months?!?

  1. I’m obsessed with all of these pictures. This is the cutest post ever! Happy 6 months and I hope you enjoy your time at home! Too bad that you won’t be here for longer so we could hang out while you’re in Boston but I hope you get in a trip to yogurt land 😉

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