Treadmill Incline Workout

It was 5 degrees (felt like 1) on Christmas morning. So instead of braving the cold weather by myself I decided to try out a few of my new Christmas goodies on the treadmill in our basement!

I got a new pair of Newton Distance sneakers from my parents. Aren’t they pretty? They also felt great during my Christmas run and really helped me to land on the middle/front of my feet. I really can’t wait to race in them this year!

Newton Distance

I also got a new pair of Mercury compression socks. I love that they say 110% all over them! That will be a great reminder to give it my all during workouts and races!

Mercury Compression Socks

Running on the treadmill is soooooo boring to me! I was only going 6 miles but I knew that I would need to do some sort of workout to keep my brain occupied! Last week I read Sharsti’s post about how varying the incline on the treadmill can really increase the intensity of your workout so I came up with my treadmill incline workout to try!

I didn’t run very fast my any means (running fast on the treadmill scares me) but the different inclines really got me! This workout was really hard by the time I got to the 4 incline part! I started at a speed of 7.8 and increased as explained below.

Next time you are stuck on the dreadmill try this out!
Treadmill Incline Workout

Have you ever tried Newtons before?

What is your favorite workout to do on the treadmill?


10 thoughts on “Treadmill Incline Workout

  1. I have never tried Newtons, however, whenever I see them I admire how good they look (they really have the best shoe colors of anyone).

    I try to vary my paces on treadmill runs. I start at an easy pace, increase my speed every half mile, then decrease every half mile down to my easy pace again. (It also helps to distract me if I am watching something on TV… usually I am not a game show kind of person but they are my favorite during a run).

  2. I have to vary the speed or incline when i’m on the treadmill. it’s sooo boring. And every single time I do a treadmill run it not only feels harder, but i always run 15+ seconds slower than outside. I think i need the moving landscape or something!

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