Sunday Summary – 12/29/2013

This week my training has been all over the place. I have done runs in California and Massachusetts, run outside in the snow and on my family’s treadmill, gotten up to run early in the morning and waited until after eating junk for breakfast to do a workout.  Needless to say, you can tell this is a holiday/vacation week.

I’m not stressing about it because I have one more week before I start seriously training for Boston and it is nice to have a relaxed week during the holidays. However, I don’t think I’m ever going to eat this before a run again in my life…

Homemade Cinnamon Buns

sooooo good, but not so great on the tummy before a run!

I have really been enjoying running in the chilly weather at home. There were even snowflakes on my watch at the end of my run on Thursday!

Snowflakes on Watch

I ran the first half on the Boston Marathon course yesterday for my long run and even though I’ve run that part of the course in the past it will be nice to have it fresher in my mind come April. Its easy to forget how hilly the route is! I tried out my new Lululemon jacket, compression socks, and Camelbak Dart on the trek to Wellesley and my conclusion is that I LOVE THEM ALL!

Long Run

We spent half of the day yesterday at my sister’s indoor track meet. She came in 5th in the 1000m and anchored the 4x800m to a first place finish! What a stud!

Melissa running 1000m 12/28/2013

Henri loves watching indoor track!!

Henri cheering for Melissa

Let’s get to this week’s training…

Monday – AM: 10 miles @ 7:13 average pace (workout – 2 miles easy, 1 mile hard @ 6:34, 2 miles easy, 1 mile hard @ 6:34, 2 miles easy, 1 mile hard @ 6:31, 1 mile cooldown) PM: N.T.C Core Crunch & Paula Radcliffe Marathon Prep Workout

Tuesday – 8.13 miles @ 7:34 average pace including 5x steep hill repeats & N.T.C Leaner Legs

Wednesday – 6 miles @ 7:32 average pace (Treadmill Incline Workout), 8 minutes of planks

Thursday – 9.27 miles @ 7:12 average pace, N.T.C Sculpted Arms & Paula Radcliffe Marathon Prep Workout

Friday – 7 miles on treadmill @ 7:31 average pace (treadmill hill workout to be shared soon), Stability Ball Ab Workout, & Hip Girdle Stability Workout

Saturday – 13 mile easy long run @ 7:15 average pace (preview of the 1st half of the Boston Marathon course)

Sunday – N.T.C Paula Radcliffe Marathon Prep Training Workout, and AbRipperX

Total Miles – 53.4 miles   Average Pace – 7:21/mile

Meal Planning…

Again, we are with my family for the majority of this week so no meal planning. Easy peasy!

Have a great Sunday! 🙂


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