A Look Back & A Glance Forward: December 2013-January 2014

I can hardly believe that today is the last day of December, let alone the last day of 2013! This year FLEW by. So many wonderful things happened during 2013 but there were other things that I didn’t make any progress in that I wish I had. Tomorrow I will be posting all about my goals for the new year (2014 already!?!) but for today here’s a quick look back at some of the major happenings in this past month and the most exciting news of January!!

A Look Back @ December 2013 

1. Our work trip to Disneyland at the beginning of December was pretty fun! It was nice to get to know some of my co-workers that I don’t see around the office very often and also to spend time with my close work-friends in a non-work setting. Also, who doesn’t have fun at the happiest place on earth?? 🙂


2. Henri and I caught a stomach bug the second weekend of December and even though being sick is never fun it was nice to spend two days of serious down-time together. (And 48-straight hours of puppy snuggles are also welcomed!)

Sick DayNow that the ordeal is over it is also a funny story to look back on since 13 out of the 14 people in my department at work all got the same bug and were out sick the same exact days. Nothing bonds you with your co-workers/friends quite like sharing “war stories” of your flu symptoms!

3. I am so glad that I signed up for the Santa 5K. I haven’t been doing any sort of 5K training so to be able to go out and perform so well was exciting! After Boston in April I plan on spending a few months focusing on shorter distances like the 5K and 10K so having the benchmark race run the Santa Run will be nice down the road.

Santa Run 5K

It was also fun to do a race with friends. Most of the races I have done recently have been alone (the main reason I don’t sign up for many races) so meeting up with buddies at the race made it so much better!

4. I’m really glad that we got to celebrate Christmas with Henri’s family before we left for Massachusetts. We spent a really fun day with them that you can read all about here! That relaxing Sunday was one of my favorite days in the entire month of December!

Christmas #1 Breakfast

5. Christmas Eve and Christmas were so wonderful this year! I’m really glad that Henri and I made it home to celebrate our first married Christmas together with my family. So much happened on those two days that it is just too much to share but all the quality family time was really a precious gift!

First Married Christmas

A Glance Forward @ January 2014

The countdown is ON until the Boston Marathon (one hundred and ten days to be exact) and my 15 week marathon training program starts on January 6th! I am really excited to be in serious training again. This time around I will also be working with a coach (actually my boss where I work is also a running coach) which I am looking forward to because I know that it will make the process easier/smoother and will produce amazing results!

Boston Marathon 2014

Here’s to lots of running and some intense workouts in January 2014!

p.s. The B.A.A recently announced that the colors for this year’s marathon are blue and orange. Its almost like they knew I was running and picked those just for me! (same as my two favorite – and Pepperdine colors!)

Boston Marathon JacketI need want this jacket A.S.A.P.!!!

What was the highlight of your December?

Anything that you are looking forward to in January?


5 thoughts on “A Look Back & A Glance Forward: December 2013-January 2014

  1. Woo I can’t wait to follow your marathon training! I plan on going to boston to watch this year so hopefully I’ll get to see you rock it 🙂

  2. I love that jacket! Highlight of December was my trip to Switzerland, in January I’m looking forward to just getting two massive grad school things finished and done well because it would be a huge weight off my shoulders going forward in the year.

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