Almost Snowed in…

The first few days of the new year have been very busy! Let’s get caught up on the past few days! 🙂

We stayed up late on New Year’s Eve (duh) eating junk food and playing games with our family and friends.

Trivial Pursuit

Trivial Pursuit was so hard we played in two GIANT team of seven! I’m pretty sure my dad answered 99.99% of our team’s questions… smarty pants.

New Years Eve Games

Clearly Trivial Pursuit is Henri’s favorite game…

We also played some Telephone-Pictionary and What Were You Thinking?. Our last game was done 2 minutes til midnight, so we watched the ball dropped and headed to bed!

New Years Day I slept in and then went on one last run with my favorite Massachusetts running buddy. We’re hoping to run a race together sometime this year and I can’t wait. I miss running with her so much – even our run in 8 degree weather was a blast!

After watching the Badgers lose the Capital One Bowl 😦 my dad made us a really nice dinner for our last night home: his special Hungarian Goulash with egg noodles.

Hungarian Goulash

Thursday morning we headed to the airport with my mom. There was already a ton of snow on the ground and despite a 2 hour delay we were de-iced and then were on our way!


The de-icing machines!

Its great to be home and to have our puppies back, but I really will miss running in that cold New England weather!

Its cold out here

Yesterday was back to work as usual and it felt nice to be back in the swing of things! I’m really looking forward to the year ahead, its going to be a great one!

How have the first few days of 2014 been for you?

Are things finally back to normal after the holidays?

Did you encounter any travel problems?

If our flight had been only a little later we would have been delayed. Thank goodness for early morning flights!


6 thoughts on “Almost Snowed in…

  1. Lucky you getting out before the worst of it! We only got about 8-10 inches where I live in RI, but my friends in MA got like 15 inches. Still no fun because then everything froze due to the frigid negative temps! Crazy business. Sounds like your NYE was fun!

  2. The first few days of the New Year have been COLD for me! I’m located in Mass., and I have literally been spending most of my time just trying to stay warm (and running, of course)! Six words for you: I wish I was in Cali.

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