Sunday Summary – 1/5/2014

This is my first Sunday Summary of 2014 and the last before my Boston Marathon training bumps into full gear tomorrow! So excited!

This week included some more chilly runs, a treadmill run, and 14 miles on 1/4/14 in 1:41 (can you tell I’m a numbers person?)! I had an extra rest day from running because of travel and coming down with a cold. I am determined to feel 110% for my first week of serious training so I was okay with taking a little extra rest if that’s what it took to get better!

Training this week…

Monday – 9 miles @ 7:25 average pace – included workout: 11x1min hard/1:30 easy (paces of 1 mins hard ranged from 5:39 to 6:05 depending on whether I was going uphill or downhill), N.T.C. Core Crunch

Tuesday – 8 miles on the treadmill @ 7:30 pace (too cold to run outside alone – and couldn’t convince my sisters to run with me), N.T.C. Leaner Legs

Wednesday – Last run in MA. 8.16 miles @ 7:25 pace with a friend. (temperatures below 10 degrees – so glad I had a buddy!)

Super Cold

I’ll miss running in that cold New England weather!

Thursday – Early morning flight home, delays and didn’t get home until late. Hopped on the elliptical for 30 minutes and the treadmill for 1 mile of walking to shake out my legs from 8 hours in a plane. Also did 8 minutes of continuous planks!



Friday – am: 9.15 miles @ 7:35 pace pm: AbRipperX and N.T.C. Marathon Prep Workout

Saturday – 14 mile long run @ 7:15 pace with a friend. Done before 8 am! Not too shabby!

Long Run Watch

Sunday – Rest from running. Stretching, foam rolling, and hot tub to get legs feeling good for a hard tempo on Tuesday.

Total Miles: 48.31  Average Pace: 7:24/mile  Total 2014 Miles: 31.31/3,000

While I am sad vacation is over I am glad to be home, cooking in my kitchen, and back to eating my normal, healthy foods! This week I’m keeping our meal plan simple because we’re moving on Friday (just to a new apartment complex) and I want to use up as much of what we have on hand as possible!

This week we’ll be eating…

Sunday – Crockpot Salsa Chicken Burrito Bowls

Chicken Salsa Salad

Monday – Beef Daube Stew from Cooking Light – with salad and egg noodles

Tuesday – Leftovers from Crockpot Salsa Chicken Burrito Bowls

Wednesday – Chicken with brown rice and peas

Thursday – Leftovers from Beef Daube dinner

Friday – Chicken with brown rice and green beans

Saturday – Dinner out with one of our MANY gift cards from Christmas!

Super duper boring, I know. I’ll have to make it up to Henri with some tasty desserts! Cookies and ice cream anyone? 🙂

How did your training go this week? Was it affected by lots of snow and cold?

Are you planning to make anything tasty for dinner this week?


8 thoughts on “Sunday Summary – 1/5/2014

  1. All of my runs last week (except for one) was on the treadmill because of the horrible weather. We are supposed to get a bad freeze tonight and stay in the 20s for a couple of days (in Alabama?!?! it’s crazy), so I will be hitting up the treadmill a lot this week too, unfortunately.

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