10 Minute Planks!

I love planks, they have always been one of my favorite core workouts. Planks help with overall core stability and are one easy move that can help you get that flat tummy – no pooch! 🙂

A few years ago my college roommate impressed me by busting out 15 minutes straight of plank (yeah, she’s a beast). After that I started working on increasing the length of my planks and now can do 10 minutes of continuous planks!

This is my current 10 minute plank routine!

10 minute plank workout

**If you follow the following plan you (yes YOU!) can work your way up to 10 minutes of planks too!**

Start with a length of time that you think you can hold for each of these moves for equally – maybe 15 or 20 seconds – and go through the cycle of each plank. Overtime, increase the amounts of time you hold each position for.

Start with the traditional forearm plank.

Forearm PlankTransition into a side plank, hold and then switch sides and hold again.

Side Plank

Push up into a “push-up” plank and hold.

Push-Up PlankFinish the cycle by dropping into Superman position and hold.


When you can go through this cycle without pausing and have increased the amount of time you hold each position you can increase the length of your plank by going through the cycle more times.

Now get out there and start working on those core muscles!

Do you like planks?

What are your favorite core workouts?


7 thoughts on “10 Minute Planks!

  1. My problem with planks is that I get so bored. Time moves so much slower when I’m on my forearms than when I’m laying on my stomach 😉 Lol This is a good one, though. I should work on my core more!

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