Choosing Happiness

For the duration of my new Marathon Training Series, Things About Me Thursday will be put on hold. While writing yesterday’s post I realized that this new series requires a LOT of thought and research and that is where I want to focus my time and energy! (Sorry Things about me Thursdays – we’ll see you in April) 🙂

**Warning: there is a pretty nasty picture of my wrist in this post. If you are squeamish do not scroll down! **

Wednesday mornings are my favorite! I have a standing date with my running buddy for a hilly trail run and I look forward to it all week. But yesterday morning was a crappy morning.

As I was walking to my car to meet up with my friend I past one of my neighbors out with his two huskies. They were pretty excited so I thought they wanted a little attention. I love dogs and will pet them any chance I get so I reached my hand out to pat the one nearest to me… but she had a different idea. I guess my arm looked like it would make for a tasty breakfast because she bite me, and bite me hard!

Needless to say, at that moment there were a few things more important than getting my run in. Like, oh, I don’t know… making sure I didn’t have rabies! So not the way I was hoping to start my morning.

Dog Bite

I know, its gross. I’m sorry!

Bad things are going to happen in life. Things that throw off your plans and change the course of your entire day. When these things happen the only option is to deal with the situation (in my case – call  my friend to bail on our run, get the dog’s vaccination records, go to the doctor, pick up my prescription, and head to work).

But once you have everything squared away its time to move on with your day! This has been a hard lesson for me to learn. I am a really strong Type A personality so making and sticking to a plan is really important to me. But after years of being with Henri his “go with the flow” mentality has rubbed off on me – if just a little. I have started to take these incidents in stride not let set backs and interruptions ruin my entire day.

After the ordeal yesterday morning I made a conscious decision to be happy the rest of the day and not let a few awful hours dictate my mood all day! Here’s how I redeemed the day…

* Had a prayer/cry sesh about life with two of my favorite ladies at work. They are amazing women of Christ and since my mom is 3,000 miles away it is great to have them here to talk to about everything and anything!

* Enjoyed the leftovers of my Cafe Rio salad from yesterday. Henri thinks I’m crazy but I love soggy tortillas so to me this salad was even better the second time around!

Leftover Cafe Rio

First EVER Cafe Rio experience!

* Put on my new favorite shirt…

Your Pace or Mine?

Your Pace or Mine?

… and went out for a 9-mile run after work. Its definitely a lot different/harder to run in the evening but nothing gets in the way of my daily run – not even a silly dog bite! 

Sand Canyon Trail

A good run fixes everything!

* Snuggled Henri and the pups finally watched Monday’s episode of The Bachelor.

The Bachelor

Oh Juan Pablo!

* And of course, ended the night with a bowl of ice cream.

Ice Cream and Finn

Finn wants some of that chocolatey goodness!

Happiness is a choice, but sometimes it is the hard choice. If I learned anything from my experience yesterday it is that its those days when being happy is hard that it is the best decision you could make.

I Choose Happiness

Instead of wallowing in sadness/frustration/pain all day I chose happiness and when I laid my head on my pillow last night I felt like the luckiest girl for all the joy in my life!

When do you find it hard to choose happiness?


3 thoughts on “Choosing Happiness

  1. this is such a great post! everyone thinks happiness is easy, but it’s really not. you have to work for it and choose it day in and day out no matter what the situation. glad you’re ok! keeping choosing happiness girl. 🙂

  2. Love that you turned your day around! That dog bite is terrifying but I’m glad you redeemed yourself with an afternoon run and everything is better when you finish the day with ice cream 🙂

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