Weird Things that Happen During Track Workouts

This morning I did my first track workout in months, 6x 800m plus 2x 400m. It was a little windy but all in all I was glad to be back on the track! It was also my first time ever on a dirt track – very interesting. I was secretly wishing that it was all-weather but I comforted myself with the thought that dirt is probably better for my legs.

Track 1As I was running lap after lap around this thing (mostly in the dark) I realized a lot of things about track workouts that I had forgotten in my 6 months running on the roads.  The track is a strange place and as I was running my workout this morning I constructed a list of weird things that happen (at least to me) during a track workout…

I really hope I’m not the only one that suffers from these or you’re all gunna think I’m crazy! At least you’ll get a laugh out of it! 😉


  1. You get overly nervous – Like as nervous as you are before a race. This results in multiple trips to the porta-john before your workout due to what I like to refer to as “nervous pee”.
  2. You become a mathematician – You spend the majority of each interval calculating pace/splits/all sorts of things. You know the amount of time that each 100m should take and if you’re behind pace you can figure out how much faster each 100m has to be so you can finish on time!
  3. You pull random things up from the depths of your memory – When I’m not doing math during a workout the most random things will pop into my head. Sometimes its an old memory or something, but most of the time its a really really old song. I kid you not, this morning I could not get the Purple People Eater song out of my head. Who knows where that one came from!
  4. Your memory instantly improves – This one always baffles Henri. I’ll forget whether he’s been wearing his glasses or contact all day but can easily recite my 8 intervals times for him hours after my workout.
  5. You become convinced that the wind has a personal vendetta against you – How many times have you been running down the backstretch fighting through some pretty awful wind only to turn the corner and have the wind completely stop? Why do the wind gusts always have to stop RIGHT when they would start helping push you along? Sheesh!
  6. You realize you how bad (or good) your form is – When you’re trying to run fast you are a little more in tune with how your body is working together (or against itself) to propel you forwards! This morning I realized that my left arm was doing this weird swinging thing when I was going around the corners – I’ll have to work on that…
  7. You disregard everything your mom ever taught you about manners – For some reason track workouts seem to generate more spit and phlegm than an easy run. When you’re speeding around a track what else can you do but blow a few snot-rockets? So not lady-like Lauren… haha
  8. You start to love the pain – Track workouts can be hard, both mentally and physically but they are so worth it! Speedy workouts mean speedy races and who doesn’t what those!?

So get out there and discover your own track workout weirdness!Happy DayPlease tell me that you suffer at least one of these? Which one?

What are some reasons you love the track?


10 thoughts on “Weird Things that Happen During Track Workouts

  1. Omg yes to all of these! It brings me back to track last year when I was having legitimate panic attacks before Tuesday Thursday workouts yet I was mostly ok for races. And my memory of pace and calculations, oh god so true. The track makes us crazy! I can’t say I ever really learned to love the pain though 😉

  2. I get nervous doing track workouts too! I don’t know why, but I guess I am so nervous trying to compete against myself lol! I definitely start to love the pain too. I always say I hate track workouts, but when I’m done I say I love them!

  3. Numbers 3, 5, and 7 for me! And for me, I love the track because it’s the one place in my town that isn’t hilly…it’s the perfect place to do plyometrics, too. 🙂

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