Treadmill Tuesday – A Hill Workout

Laci made a discovery this weekend…TV. The last few times we’ve had it on she sits in front of it like this and stares at it.

photo(25)Also, why do dogs make it nearly impossible to do any sort of ab exercises on the floor? Seriously, this is how core work always ends up…

photo(26)This morning I got a great workout in on the local track. I’m starting to fall in love with this track. It is close to home, the dirt so much less rough on my legs than normal track, and its never crowded.

photo(28)I feel incredibly lucky to live in a place with such mild weather that I am able to run on an outdoor track in January. And I realize that this is not the case for many of you around the country that are being bombarded by winter storms and record low temps (I have been getting many calls/texts from family and friends back home telling me all about the crazy weather).

So for those of you stuck in the second Polar Vortex I have a fun treadmill workout to get your heart pumping and your legs moving. And since I’m on a roll with the alliterations recently (Sunday Summary, Monday Meal Prep) let’s call today Treadmill Tuesday. I did this workout when I was home for Christmas and it was 9 degrees or so outside. Its 7 miles total but feel free to shorten or lengthen the warm-up, cool-down, or intervals to adjust it to your goal distance!

Rolling Hills Treadmill WorkoutHills are great for building strength and doing them on a treadmill can actually benefit your body because you get the strength building from climbing the “hills” but none of the extra pounding from actually running downhill! So if you’re stuck inside for you runs this week give this treadmill run a try! 🙂

Treadmill: love, hate, or indifferent?

How many of your runs are being done on the treadmill these days?


7 thoughts on “Treadmill Tuesday – A Hill Workout

  1. Definitely gonna have to try this workout soon! I absolutely LOVE running hills but loathe treadmill running, so maybe this will help me like it better? I have been doing a ton of treadmill runs lately because I am weak when it comes to cold weather.

  2. exactly what I needed! it looks like tomorrow will be another treadmill day and the only way I got through 9 miles this morning was by reading. Looks like I will have to take some of these workouts and mash them together to keep me going.

  3. I am not going to lie. I don’t despise the treadmill, but I don’t like it either. Weather in NC has been crazy lately. 60’s one day, teens the next. Currently it is snowing right now. Last Saturday I did 20 miles on the treadmill for Boston training but practiced pacing for the Myrtle Beach half marathon. I’m the 1:45:00 official pacer, so I did 16 miles on the dreadmill at 8:00 pace at 1%grade and then decided I was getting bored and cranked it up :30 faster each mile. My legs felt fine, but my mind went nuts. You are LUCKY to be outside in nice weather!! Enjoy it!! My last Boston experience was in 2012 when it was 90 degrees and miserable….I trust this year’s weather will be perfect!

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