Five Things Friday #2

Happy Friday Everyone!

I could not be more excited for the weekend. This week at work has been crazy busy and I’m really looking forward to relaxing and watching some good football this weekend! Henri and I will be staying in just the two of us – so tomorrow will be spent planning what goodies to make that won’t leave us with leftovers for days! I’m thinking my sweet potato fry nachos!


Not much time today so let’s jump into some quick Five Things Friday!


Thanks Clare for Hosting!

1. My sister posted the most adorable photo yesterday for Throwback Thursday. It’s my dad with all his siblings and my grandpa from Easter 1966 – melts my heart! (My dad is the one on the far right)

photo (2)

2. Henri and I don’t usually do anything big for Valentine’s Day – we prefer to celebrate the days that are important to our relationship, like our anniversaries and birthdays. But this year I am really excited about our plans for Valentine’s weekend. We’re attending a marriage conference by Gary Thomas at our church and then have a little getaway in San Diego planned for my race that Sunday. It’s going to be a great weekend!

sacred marriage

3. I was an accounting major in college and absolutely love math but I died laughing when I saw this photo.

photo (3)

Algebra is my jam but calculus? No thank you! 🙂

4. I am making progress on my inspiration board! I set up a little chart of my current PRs – my ultimate running goals and some in-between times to strive for along the way. I’m excited to start the process!

photo (18)

5. We got a sneak peak of our photo shoot last weekend! I am in love with this photo and can’t wait to see the rest of the images that they captures!

photo (4)

Check out our photographers here!

 Have a great day everyone! The weekend is right around the corner!

Who are you rooting for in the Superbowl this weekend?

I gotta root for the Seahawks! Can’t be cheering for the team that knocked my Patriots out of the playoffs!

Tell me one of your ultimate running goals!


6 thoughts on “Five Things Friday #2

  1. I am so in love with your inspiration board. I think I’m going to make it a weekend project of mine because having those up would just be so motivating to me. Thanks for the idea! I’m a massive football fan but pretty ambivalent about both of these teams. I’ll be cheering for the Broncos because I have so much Peyton respect but I won’t be sad to see the Seahawks get it instead.

  2. As a fellow “Lover of all things Boston” I’m happy to have found you’re blog! I lived there for a little over a year working full-time and became obsessed! Looking forward to reading more!

  3. I love your inspiration board! I like that you have the gradual decreases in time that will lead to your ultimate goal and we share the same goal for a marathon time! Even though I have yet to run one ha. Those nachos look delicious! I LOVE sweet potatoes! Enjoy your weekend:)

  4. My husband and I read Sacred Marriage, and it is so good!! I can’t wait to hear how the conference goes! I bet y’all love it! I love your inspiration board. My current race goal is to run my first full marathon in April, and try to finish it under 4 hours!

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