Keep It Tight – Some Exciting News to Share!

Really short post today! I’m going on a retreat with work tomorrow and so today is really busy trying to finish things up at the office and helping some of the other ladies I work with prep the meals for 15 PEOPLE!! Oh, and trying to fit a second run in this afternoon because I decided to sleep in this morning and push my tempo run until tomorrow – which means getting in a few extra miles today!
It’s all good though because I got the best possible e-mail this morning!

A few weeks ago I applied to be an ambassador for ProCompression and today I found out that I was picked as one of their ambassadors for 2014! I am seriously so excited!

PROC-ambassador-2014This is the first product that I will ever work with as an ambassador and it couldn’t be more perfect because ProCompression’s marathon socks have honestly changed my running over the course of the past few months. Ever since coming back from my hip injury junior year of college [you can read more about that story here] I have struggled on and off with shin and foot pains. This past fall one of my friends suggested that I try ProCompression for recovery and I soon noticed after wearing the marathon socks for a few weeks on my runs, that for the first time in years I hadn’t had any shin or foot pain for an extended amount of time!

ProCompression socks have really changed my running and I can’t wait to partner with them for the next year and hopefully beyond!

P.S. I was rockin’ my light blue ProCompression socks during my 10K!

photo 5 (7)Who else is a ProCompression fan!?


6 thoughts on “Keep It Tight – Some Exciting News to Share!

  1. Wooooo we get to be ambassadors together! I swear I dropped my phone when I got the email. I am SO EXCITED!!!! Yayyyyy 🙂

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