Sunday Summary – 2/9/2014

I have to take a quick moment to say a happy belated birthday to my adorable grandpa, who turned 90 YEARS OLD yesterday!

photo (6)

How cute is he?

He is the funniest, sweetest man I know and our chat on the phone was the highlight of my day. I wish I could have been there to celebrate with him but I am thankful for all the pictures that I got from my mom and sisters during the day! Especially this one from when he had to model for the advertising agency he worked for years ago, cracks me up every time.

photo (8)

My friend from high school shared this photo on Facebook yesterday and nothing else could better describe my Saturday.

photo (7)

But really… 15 miles and a nap with the pups (Finn is the lump under the blanket in the right side of the picture) sums up the day.


My next race is a week from today! I am so excited to run the first U-T California 10-20 race. It is a 10 mile race with 20 BANDS along the course. How fun does that sound?? I scaled back my scheduled training for this week a little bit so that I’m really fresh for this race, especially since I’ve never done a 10 mile race before.

Since the race is on Valentine’s weekend I’m trying to put together a pink/red racing outfit. I’m hoping to add these socks to the ensemble – I’m in love with these ProCompression sock of the month! You can get 40% off and FREE SHIPPING too with the discount code FEB14 at ProCompression. Check it out!

marathon hearts

On the schedule for today is errands, church, and dinner with Henri’s fam! Onto the Sunday Summary for the week!


Monday – 11 miles easy @ 7:59 pace, AbRipperX

Tuesday – (AM) 8.5 miles easy @ 7:31 pace (PM) 3.59 @ 7:35 pace

Wednesday – 9.13 miles with 6 mile tempo in 38:21 [6:23 tempo pace], Stability Ball Ab Workout

Thursday – Rest: I was on the work retreat in the mountains and the roads were really snowy and had NO shoulder so I wanted to be super safe!

Friday – (AM) 11 miles @ 6:55 pace with a running buddy (PM) NTC Shoulder Ripper and Alpha Abs Workouts (you HAVE to try the Alpha Abs – it is crazy good!)

Saturday – 15.5 mile long run @ 7:20 pace

Sunday – 7 miles easy @ 7:44 pace

Total Miles: 65.7 miles   Total 2014 Miles: 355.1/3,000


Sunday – Dinner with Henri’s Family

Monday – Leftover Turkey Chili with cornbread and salad

Tuesday – Salmon with Quinoa and Salad

Wednesday – Honey Mustard Chicken with roasted sweet potatoes and broccoli

Thursday – BBQ Chicken with Brown Rice and Cauliflower

Friday – Chicken with Sweet Potato Gnocchi and Brussels Sprouts

Saturday – Pre-Race Dinner Out! :)


Do you usually take a nap after a long run?

Ever run a 10 mile race? Thoughts?


2 thoughts on “Sunday Summary – 2/9/2014

  1. I always need a nap after a 14+ long run! My dogs nap anyway and they don’t mind if I join 😉 I’ve only done one 10 miler but it was the Army10 in DC which is really well run and I loved it!

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