The Olympics Always Get to Me

Nothing really exciting to report on the running front. I’ve just been chugging along on my marathon training plan – it’s hard to believe that I’m already on week 6 of 15. It is going by a little too quickly! This weekend I have my second of 3 (maybe 4) races before Boston. It’s a 10 miler and this is a new distance to me. After my 10K a few weeks ago I am really excited about trying another new-to-me distance. I am more psyched about making a little Valentine’s weekend trip to San Diego out of it though!


Henri and I have literally been glued to the couch watching the Olympics over the past few days. I can’t help but be inspired when I watch the Olympics – even when I don’t understand most of the sports in the Winter Olympics! I’ve shed a few tears while watching because athletes performing to the best of their abilities just makes me sooooo happy! I swear the Olympics get to me every time! Here’s what I’ve been LOVING about the Sochi Games…

I always love watching figure skating. The story of the games so far is the 15 year old Russian who is just a beautiful skater. Both her short and free programs were incredible. (If you haven’t seen you it HAVE to watch it!!)


OUCH! (Source)

After the team competition I can’t wait to watch Gracie Gold in the individual competition – I think she can totally win a medal!

One of our new favorites this year is the biathlon. Such a cool event. Henri already told me that if I ever get an awful injury that keeps my from running for the rest of my life this is the event should take up. (I think he just wants to teach me how to shoot a riffle.)

Henri is obsessed with curling. I don’t understand it completely but the tactical aspect is really neat. Its like an intense mix of shuffle board and pool – the perfect combination for my mathematical mind.

Henri is part Dutch so we’ve been having a lot of fun watching the Netherlands dominate the speed skating events. My favorite thing about watching them is the shots of their king and queen in the stands. They are seriously so into it… forget about the British royal family, these people are awesome!

Am I the only one that thinks it’s crazy that the men’s speed skaters can do the 5K in a little over 6 minutes? Now if only running a 5k was that quick!

Out of everything I’ve seen since the Olympics started the most touching story I’ve heard is the one about the Men’s Moguls gold medalist, Adam Bilodeau, and his brother. Not only was Adam the first skier EVER to win moguls two Olympics in a row – he skates for his older brother, Frederic, who has cerebral palsy. I was watching their story [click HERE for video] on Monday night and lost it! They are such an inspirational duo. Please please watch their story – and if you do make sure you have a whole box of tissues on hand. You’ll need them 🙂

Do the Olympics inspire you too?

What new events have you discovered during these Olympics?

Thoughts on Alex Bilodeau and his brother? How sweet are they?


3 thoughts on “The Olympics Always Get to Me

  1. I want to be a biathlete so badly! I can shoot pretty decently already so maybe I have a head start 😉 I’m also loving the cross country skiing, the sprint yesterday was intense and I think Anton Gafarov in the semi-finals is exactly what the Olympics are about. Alex Bilodeau’s story is awesome. I also love the 3 Canadian sisters who did the moguls together and 2 of them got medals (including gold!) which must be so incredible to experience for that family.

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