Are we crazy?

Yesterday I did one of my favorite workouts – a 6 mile fartlek-tempo. What is a farlek-tempo you say? Well basically its a tempo run but you alternate between a hard pace and a not-so-hard-BUT-not-so-easy pace so that your average pace ends up right around your goal race pace! Such a fun workout, and even better when you’re running towards this breakfast…

photo 2 (26)

If you’ve never tried avocado and eggs on toast you HAVE to try it! This was the perfect post-workout breakfast with a warm cup of coffee.

My next race is coming up really quick (on Sunday)! As I’ve been preparing for it these past few days I’ve found myself going through my normal pre-race routine only to realize that most of the things I do may seem pretty crazy to non-runners. Like…

…picking out my race-day outfitdays early. This was especially important because this race is really close to a holiday. I already have my Valentine’s outfit Saturday’s race packed and ready to go in my race bag! 

photo 5 (26)

Pink & Red overload!

… checking my bib number online and obsessing over how perfect it is all week. I can’t be the only one that feels like all the pieces are falling into place when I have a cool bib number!? I’m feeling pretty good about this weekend’s number.

bib number

… spending hours studying the course map and elevation chart. Even though I know I’ll probably forget everything as soon as I cross the starting line!

I have a feeling the ocean views during this race are going to be unreal!

course mapNot too hilly… I’m liking it!

elevation map… making Henri download pump-up music for my warm-up run. I know it’s old but the last song I have to listen to before my races is Hall of Fame by The Script!

… picking out our pre-race dinner and post-race breakfast spots. This weekend we’re having dinner at Cheesecake Factory because we have a gift card (yay free food) and breakfast will be at Snooze. I promise to eat lots of yummy pancakes for you!

T-Minus 3 days until 10 miles and then the crazy will be over. Until the next race… 😉

What do you think? Are we runners crazy?

Do you have any special race week preparations?

What is your perfect pre-race dinner? 

If I’m at home I like baked chicken with brown rice and broccoli or some sort of pasta dish. If I’m at a restaurant pasta with chicken is my go-to!


13 thoughts on “Are we crazy?

  1. Oh this is a great race! I did the Austin 1020 last year. It had really good organization and the bands were awesome. Have so much fun and good luck! 10 miles is also one of my favorite distances to race now!

    • I am so excited to hear that you liked the race. This is the first year that they are doing it in California so it’s been hard to find any information on it! I can’t wait to try 10 miles, I think it’ll be good to do that before my half next month!

  2. LOL, whenever I go to new places, especially to race I am checking out the food scene weeks in advance. We are crazy. Perfect pre-race dinner is either a “semi-healthy” pizza (whole wheat crust, not much cheese, veggies and a protein). Or some simple chicken, sweet potato, brown rice and veggies <— this is actually my common meal before long triathlons.

  3. Your outfit is awesome! I can’t wait for the day that I can run in shorts again! I would say that yes, runners are most definitely crazy haha but a good kind of crazy. My pre-race dinner is pretty much anything, but I usually do stick to pasta and some form of protein for my best meals. I was always that person who could eat a milkshake 10 minutes before a race and be fine. Iron stomach I guess!

  4. See, I hate the “crazy” label people like to give runners. Dedicated, motivated, passionate, determined…or all of the above! You can’t improve/meet your goals without taking it to the next level.

    Oh, and eggs on avocado toast with hot sauce: amazeballs.

  5. Yes. Yes we are crazy. I can relate to ALL of those above! When I traveled in college to races, I would always scope out the places near to see what kind of eats they had ahead of time and apparently my other teammates didn’t share that same trait since they always looked at me like I was crazy when I knew what our options were. Haha at least I came in handy sometimes! I usually eat chicken & pasta as a pre-race meal when I’m at home or at a restaurant, sometimes I go for tilapia 🙂

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