I hope I get an A++

Happy Thursday (finally)! All day yesterday I was thinking that is was Thursday – it was heartbreaking when I realized that it was still only Wednesday…

While I was making my regular rounds around the blog world yesterday I came across Jacqueline’s pop quiz for runners and just had to jump in on the fun! I hope I get an A++.

1. What weather do you refuse to run in?

In high school my cross country coach always told us that practice would only be cancelled in the event of a tornado or thunderstorm. I’ve pretty much adopted the same mind-set and since I live in Southern California now I generally don’t encounter weather I can’t run in! 😉

photo (22)

It’s always sunny in SoCal!

2. What distance is your “short” run?

It depends what kind of training I’m in. If I’m focusing on 5Ks a short run is 6-7 miles, but when I’m in marathon training like right now 8-9 is short!

3. How do you stay hydrated while running? Water fountain, carry your own, etc.?

On my hard and long runs I use this water bottle belt to carry water and Gatorade with me.

4. Music or no music?

Audio books actually. Or even better running and chatting with a good friend!

5. Do you ever run without your GPS watch?

Never ever! I’m that girl that HAS to finish my runs at exactly .00!

6. What is the first thing you do after a run?

Lay on the ground and get attacked by my pups while chugging an entire 32oz water bottle of aqua.

photo 1 (51)

7. What’s your favorite running shoe ever?

My all time favorite running shoes are the Asics GT-2100 series (now the 2000s). These have been my go-to shoes since middle school. That’s TEN years!

photo 1 (50)

8. Do you make deals with yourself to finish a tough run? What are they?

Yes, all the time! And these deals 100% involve food, especially really tasty things like this bacon, egg and cheese waffle sandwich. (Bless my co-workers’ hearts for introducing me to Bruxie yesterday!)

photo 4 (43)

9. Two things you cannot run without besides your sneakers?

My watch and my ProCompression Marathon socks. I’m starting to look like a soccer player with my gnarly high sock tan!

photo 2 (51)

10. Running has helped me ___[fill in the blank]___.

… learn to love my body and be thankful for the things that it is capable of doing!

11. Are you following a training plan? If so, what does your weekly routine look like?

Yes! I’m training for the Boston Marathon this April. My weekly routine includes one hard workout (usually on Tuesdays) and one long run on Saturday!

12. Do you regularly stretch/foam roll after a run?

Every. Single. Day. If I miss out on foam rolling after my run I make sure to do it later in the day. My legs get tight really easily and foam rolling really helps to work out any issues I’m having.

Your turn! Answer one (or two) of the above questions.


3 thoughts on “I hope I get an A++

  1. This is a great survey! I should fill it out… when I’m running again. I need to be better about foam rolling. My legs would thank me and I wouldn’t have to sit out for months at a time if I was better about preventative care.

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