Sunday Summary – 3/2/2014

It has been so rainy here the last couple of days – I am LOVING it! One of the things that I miss the most about living in New England is the weather. Snow days, rainy days, any kind of weather that gives you an excuse to stay inside and snuggle – we don’t get much of that here is California so when we do I treasure it!

Since Thursday it’s been raining on and off. Luckily there was a nice break for my long run yesterday and I got in a great workout before it started pouring again. My running buddy was out of town this weekend for a wedding so my coach biked alongside me for my long run-tempo. 18 miles with 6 miles at (or faster than) marathon goal pace. This was the second of three workouts like this throughout my training plan and it went really well.

photo 1 (56)

The first 12 miles were at a relaxed and comfortable pace – 7:27 and then I averaged 6:20 for the last 6 for an overall average of 7:04! My goal for Boston is to break or get as close to 3 hours as possible, which 6:52 pace. And after this workout I feel that is totally do-able! It was so encouraging to have my coach there cheering me on, handing me my fuel and water, and distracting me from the pain of the workout. I’ve got to have him join me more often!

Here’s a quick recap of all my training this week!

Sunday Running Summary

Monday – 12 miles @ 7:43 pace

Tuesday – 10 mile workout: 2ish mile warm-up, 6ish miles of intervals (10 X 2 mins hard/2 minutes easy), 2ish mile cool-down * 7:02 average pace

Wednesday – 11 miles @ 7:42 pace

Thursday – (AM) 10 miles @ 7:13 pace (PM) N.T.C. Core Crunch & Shoulder Shaper Workouts

Friday – 9.01 miles @ 7:37 pace

Saturday – HARD Long Run: 12 miles at an easy pace (7:27 average) + 6 mile tempo @ 6:20 pace (6:20, 6:33, 6:25, 6:22, 6:14, 6:06) * 7:04 average pace

Sunday – Easy 5.37 miles @ 7:50 pace

Total Miles: 75.4 miles   Total 2014 Miles: 568.9/3,000

The plan for today is to hang out by our fireplace, snuggle, read and watch too much Netflix! The perfect rainy day if you ask me 🙂

P.S. while writing this post I’ve been sipping on a cappuccino that Henri picked up for me at Starbucks. I guess the barista decided to be a little creative with the spelling of his name?

photo (25)

What’s your favorite thing to do when it’s rainy out?

Do the people at Starbucks usually spell your name right?


5 thoughts on “Sunday Summary – 3/2/2014

  1. Starbucks pretty much has no chance with mine, I get a bunch of weird stuff or “Emily” but never the right one. Great job killing that long run! I have a feeling you’re going to crush that 3 hour goal…

  2. My name gets misspelled or heard all the time. I get Carrie, Corey, Lori, Tori, Cory, Corey…it’s all over the place.

    Super proud of your training this week! I’m going to be enjoying hearing about your workouts during my taper. Or it will just make me jealous and stir crazy.. OH WEll!!

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