Conquering the Fear of Failure + BIG NEWS

There are few things in life that I truly fear. Besides being afraid of the dark (yes, I am 23 years old and still sleep with all the lights on if I am home alone), my biggest fear is probably the fear of failure. The type-A personality inside of me always wants to be seen as successful, especially in my running, and so I have a tendency to hold back from sharing my goals and dreams of the future with others.

I even have a system before a race where I set three different goal times… [1] One that I tell every/anyone that asks, [2] another that I only share with those really close to me (a.k.a. Henri and my coach) and [3] a third, my REAL goal, that nobody knows except me. That way if I don’t achieve my real goal only I’ll know that I “failed”.

But I don’t want to be like this anymore! Instead I want to be a Proverbs 31 woman, who is clothed in dignity and has no fear of the future.

I really feared failure when I started Will Run for Boston. What if I wasn’t good at the whole blogging thing? Who would really want to read about me/my life? How would I feel if my blog was a total failure? But I conquered those fears and ever since I started blogging I’ve slowly learned to open up about my dreams – like breaking 3-hours in the marathon this year and all my 2014 Goals! It is a learning process, but so far all I have seen is that good can come from sharing your goals and kicking the fear of failure to the curb.

In the spirit of continuing this learning process, I have some really BIG news to tell you today. I have been debating about whether or not to share for a few weeks but since I know that you (and all my “real life” family and friends) will love me and support me even if nothing comes of this – I am going to go for it, and conquer another small bit of my fear (little by little, am I right?).

This Friday I am flying home for a job interview! It is for an accounting position at the church I grew up in and would enable Henri and I to move home this APRIL! As much as I love Southern California, nothing beats the seasons of New England or being closer than a 6-hour flight to see your family.


I am looking forward to a fun weekend with these girls and hope that I will be home again soon – for MUCH longer than four days! 


How do you conquer the fear of failure?

Do you live close to your family? 

Have any helpful interview advice you’d like to share?


9 thoughts on “Conquering the Fear of Failure + BIG NEWS

  1. Ahhh good luck! That’s so exciting! I live a 6 hr flight from home right now too, we haven’t been back in over a year because of it which is crazy hard because we used to live 15 minutes from both sets of parents and brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews. We went from seeing family daily to one week in the last 2 years. I hope you get the job and get to move home!!

  2. I was the same way when I started my blog, so scared of it not being good enough plus who wants to read what I have to say right?! It is funny I just wrote a blog post for today along the same lines! We can’t hide, people want us to be open with them, to share our failures. I have learned that it is the only way to grow, most people actually do want us to succeed so they will push us towards our goals and pull us up when we fail.

  3. First time reader here. I can totally relate to your 3 times goals for the marathon. I have been there myself. Good for you to put your fears and doubts aside. Love that. I don’t live close to home. It makes me sad sometimes and honestly thankful at others. Best of luck to you in your interview. Sounds very exciting.

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