Why I Love Runners

My baby sister signed her National Letter of Intent yesterday – surrounded by her coach, teammate, and our mama. I could not be more proud of her! I seriously can’t wait to see her on Friday night and give her a BIG congratulations hug. You ROCK Melis, I love you so much!photo (26)From time-to-time I hear a story that makes me proud to be a part of the running community. Runners are a special breed of people that come together to do some pretty amazing things. Yesterday I heard of TWO of these stories, all of which brought tears to my eyes (okay, I was legitimately crying). These stories are seriously the reason that I LOVE runners!

I heard the first story during my usual post-run stretch/foam roll session while watching the Today Show. This past weekend in San Jose a 95 year old, World War II Veteran named, Joe Bell, was cheering on runners at a local race in his uniform. Many of the runners took a detour to shake Joe’s hand and thank him for his service. What a wonderful way honor a man that gave so much to fight for our country! (You can see the touching video here)

Joe BellThe second I heard of from my dad. He sent me a text that read.

photo (9)He was right, I spotted the article he was talking about right off the bat. Kayla Montgomery is one of the top high school distance runners in North Carolina, but three years ago she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Since M.S. is a disease that attacks the body’s nervous system, eventually Kayla will not be able to walk. But instead of letting this diagnosis get her down, Kayla set out to be the best she could be! This girl is a serious inspiration!

Kayla Montgomery_____________________________________________

P.S. After my post on Monday I made the decision to add a “2014 Goals” tab so that my goals and dreams are front and center for all to see! You can check it out here.

What’s an inspiring running story that you’ve heard recently?


4 thoughts on “Why I Love Runners

  1. I wish I could remember the context but a few months ago a guy was about to win a race and took a wrong turn, the guy in second could have won but instead grabbed the other guy and guided him back toward the finish and stayed just one step behind him. He said after that the other guy had done all the work and didn’t deserve to lose because of one small mistake. I love that you can go to any race and there’s something small that runners are dong there that means the world to someone else, even if it goes unnoticed by most.

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