Five Things Friday – Salad Obsession

Happy Friday Everyone! Every day this week I’ve thought it was a day later than it really was so I am especially thankful for the end of this week. My brain is pretty fried from this week so let’s just jump into a quick Five Things Friday!

1. I’M GOING HOME TODAY! I can’t wait to be with these beautiful faces by the end of the day, we already have plans to do a lot of yummy baking! 🙂

IMG_11332. Last night we had our weekly “family” dinner with my sister-in-law and our roommate at Cafe Rio. I think I might have a little bit of an obsession with this place… I went for the first time in January and I’ve already been FOUR times! I get the Barbacoa Salad every. single. time. – so gooood!

Cafe RIO!3. I found this picture yesterday…

photo 1 (2)… and it reminded me of my super cute grandparents. My grandpa still calls my grandma his girlfriend – how adorable is that? I hope Henri and are are that cute in 60 years!


My grandparents at their 60 year anniversary party!

4. Yesterday was my one-year anniversary at my current job. It’s hard to believe that I’ve been there so long! I really love my work and the people that I work with, its a great place to be. It’s also strange to think that now that I’ve reached this milestone I might be leaving in a month!


Pic from my first day of work!

5. If this whole moving thing pans out, Henri and I have already decided that we are going to make the cross country trip in our cars. Our tentative driving schedule is all planned out and our stops between Cali and Massachusetts include…

  • Provo, UT
  • Denver, CO
  • St. Louis, MO
  • Pittsburgh, PA

driving map

We haven’t been to many of these places so if you have any recommendations of what to see, where to eat/stay in these cities please please please let me know!

Wow! Five things went by really fast – that’s all for today. I hope you have a wonderful Friday… my day will be spent making the time home! Hello layover in San Francisco to get to Boston?! (Cause that totally makes sense… lol)

What’s the longest road trip you’ve ever been on?

For me its a toss up between Southern California to Denver or Massachusetts to Wisconsin.

What food are you obsessed with right now?


9 thoughts on “Five Things Friday – Salad Obsession

  1. longest road trip was jacksonville, FL to Chicago, with a stop to DC in the middle. Obsessed with pizza right now. We’re been having it 2x a week. once out and one made more healthy at home. ALSO- you and your family have amazing teeth 🙂

  2. If you have the chance you should swap Moab for Provo. It’s way cooler and just a little off 1-70. Awesome place – I’m heading there this afternoon! Longest road trip – Oregon Coast to SLC only 12 hours non-stop.

  3. Good luck on your interview! I’m sure you’ll do great 🙂 if you stop in St. Louis, make sure to go to “Panera” which isn’t actually called that. It was invented there!

  4. I’m from St. Louis so if you do head through there I can give you the TOTAL 411 on where to go. My longest road trip was San Diego to Kansas City in a VERY small sports car my husband bought…….OUCH.

    Right now I am obsessed with Kale and Avocado Salad with Lemon Juice Dressing. SO GOOD!!!!!
    Enjoy your family time.

    • There is a restaurant near where I live called TrueFood Kitchen and they have a Kale salad with a lemon dressing that I order every time I go! It is so good and I can imagine it would be even better with avocado! If the road trip ends up happening I will totally hit you up for the 411 on St. Louis!

  5. Stop in Provo! You can stay with us! But moab and bryce canyon are also great places to do sight seeing. Message me on fb and I can give you details/or my number!

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