Sunday Summary – 3/9/2014

Considering that it was fueled by late-night pizza and ice cream, and the fact that the straw on my Camelbak froze at mile 8 (luckily it thawed), yesterday’s long run went really well. I ran 8 miles to my friend Courtney’s house and joined her for 11 more! Running with friends is really the best thing in the world!

photo 2 (63)

Post-run selfie!

What did I do before I had my ProCompression Marathon socks?

photo 5 (48)

The afternoon involved a little light weight lifting – in the form of bowling with my sisters and the cutest little boys ever!

photo 3 (58)

My sister’s boyfriend’s cousins – if you follow?? haha

Yes, I used the 8 pound ball. And No, I’m not ashamed – that thing is heavy! 🙂

photo 1 (62)

Sunday Running Summary

I just discovered the “Custom Graphs” function on my training log and was having a lot of fun playing around with it. Here’s a snapshot of my training this week!

Training Graph 3.3-3.9.2014

Monday – (AM) 9 miles @ 7:34 pace + 8 minute planks & 20 mins weight lifting (PM) 4.04 miles @ 7:25 pace

Tuesday – 11 mile workout: 2.5ish mile warm-up, 6ish miles of intervals (8 X 3 mins hard/2 minutes easy), 2.5ish mile cool-down * 7:05 average pace

Wednesday – (AM) 12 HILLY miles @ 7:24 pace (PM) AbRipperX & N.T.C. Marathon Prep Workout

Thursday – (AM) 10.33 miles @ 7:35 pace

Friday – 8 miles @ 7:25 pace

Saturday – Long Run 19.5 miles @ 7:29 pace (much needed massage after!)

Sunday – Rest!

Total Miles: 73.9 miles   Total 2014 Miles: 642.8/3,000


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