Today is the Day!

It took me until 8PM last night to realize that my Sunday Summary post (which I wrote using my phone in bed on Saturday night) hadn’t posted like I scheduled it too. Oops! I guess I’m still getting the hang of this whole blogging thing. 🙂

In other news… today is the day! From 2-7 I will be in interviews for the position that could bring Henri and I back to Massachusetts. Fingers crossed!

Yesterday was my first day off from running in awhile. Even though it was Daylights Savings this weekend I hardly noticed because I slept in until 8:30, which for me is reallllly late! After I finally pulled myself out of bed I spent the day…

… making my famous Nutella & Banana Stuffed French Toast for my sisters (we even added in some strawberries for good measure!)…

photo 2 (65)

… going to church…

… eating chili for lunch while watching the coverage of the L.A. Marathon, which my dad managed to pull up on his iPad. Congrats to all the runners – they did so great out there!…

photo 3 (61)

… taking a family walk with the dogs…

photo 2 (66)

… practicing my french horn…

… and making a late-night trip out for froyo at the new place my sisters found. Fruit loops = my new favorite froyo topping!

photo 5 (49)

 It was really nice to relax with my fam and recover from the last 13 days of training. Now I am rearing and ready to go for this 80 mile week coming up!

What does your training plan look like this week? Mileage? Workouts? RACE?

Do you like to watch running on TV?

I LOVE it – it gets me so pumped up for my training and I love cheering for others doing the one thing I love doing the most! After the marathon finished I tried to watch the World Indoor Championships but my family doesn’t get the channel 😦


7 thoughts on “Today is the Day!

  1. I love watching races on tv! I watched world indoors all weekend, even when it’s something like sprinting that is so far from what I do, I still find it so inspiring and motivating.

  2. Funny you didn’t get it published … it happens! 🙂

    Good luck on the interviews – I would love to move us back there after the kids head off to college, but we will see …

    Weather is a bit warmer this week so my outdoor runs aren’t so painful, but still probably the normal 50-ish miles.

  3. An 80 mile week! Mind blown. Whenever I complete a 25 mile week I feel exhausted… I can only imagine!

    I love watching running on TV, but never really sit down long enough to do it (except during the Olympics, of course).

  4. I love watching running on TV!!!! marathons track whatever it is!!!!!! My training this week is a drop back week which is good timing since it is Spring break week here in TX!!!! good luck today!!!!!!

  5. I love watching running on tv! I remember watching the runners in the Olympics and it was so inspiring. Best of luck in your interviews!

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