Monday Summary – 3/16/2014

Having 18 days notice to move yourself and all your stuff across the country has turned out to be quite the whirlwind! The past few days have been filled with planning, booking hotels, and packing up all of our stuff. The in-laws came over yesterday and all I can say is that they are packing machines, our kitchen was boxed up and in the garage in no time!

photo 4 (58)

It sure is a strange feeling seeing your life in boxes.

Aside from everything I’ve had to do for the move this week, all of my spare time has been spent running! This was the peak week in my marathon training – 80 miles total (my highest week EVER) with a 22 mile long run (my longest training run EVER)to top it all of!

NO FOOD was safe within five feet of me for the 48 hours after that long run and this weekend I was a bottomless pit! Some of my tasty eats included…

Chocolate chip banana pancakes with eggs & bacon.

photo 4 (57)

Homemade BBQ Chicken Pizza with avocado!

photo 1 (67)

And a Chipotle steak burrito the size of a small baby.

photo (27)Somehow I am STILL not full! How is that even possible??

Here are all the deets about this weeks training!

Sunday Running Summary

March 10-16

Monday – (AM) 10 miles @ 7:43 pace

Tuesday – 11 mile workout: 3ish mile warm-up, 10X 1 mins hard/2 minutes easy, 3ish mile cool-down * 7:26 average pace

Wednesday – (AM) 9.6 miles @ 7:28 pace (PM) 5.4 miles @ 7:30 pace

Thursday – 12 mile workout: 2.25 miles warm-up, 3×2 miles (6:25, 6:13, @ 6:09 pace) with .75 mile recovery jog between, cool-down * 7:05 pace

Friday – 10 miles @ 7:49 pace

Saturday – Long Run 22.2 HILLY miles @ 7:43 pace

Sunday – Rest!

Total Miles: 80.5 miles   Total 2014 Miles: 723.3/3,000

What was the best thing you ate this weekend?

Those banana chocolate chip pancakes were the bomb! And the coconut syrup I topped them with – AMAZING!

What’s the longest training run you’ve ever done?


7 thoughts on “Monday Summary – 3/16/2014

  1. Congrats on hammering out a great running week on top of moving. That is awesome!!!! Those pancakes look super yummy!!!!! For training once I ran a 24 miler……..but it wasn’t intended. I meant to go 22 and got a little lost………..Ooops!!

    Best thing I ate this weekend was a Kale salad with Berries.
    Happy St. Pat’s Day!!!!!!

  2. Those are some serious miles! The longest training run I have ever done was 20…although I accidentally stopped my watch for part of it so I actually think it was closer to 21:) I have recently been running my highest ever weekly mileage (~60) and I can’t imagine adding 20 more miles on to that!

  3. Amazing week! My longest training run was 22 which I ran 2 times each marathon training cycle 🙂 best thing I are this week was a huge burrito smothered in all kinds of sauce and cheese!

  4. So when we are both living in boston and go running together all the time it will be more like me chasing behind you and running half the distance. Don’t worry though- I’ll gladly partake in the refueling process with you 😉 you’re awesome! 80 miles is incredible.

  5. Wow – that’s some serious mileage! And in the middle of packing. You are really inspiring.

    My longest run has been half marathon distance but once I hit double digits this weekend I might have to pay a visit to my local Chipotle.

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