When Life is More Important to Running


I forgot to mention it before, but yesterday was exactly ONE YEAR since my first marathon. Time really flies!

IMG_1086Today’s post is a little bit different. My focus is usually on my love for running and why (to me) it’s worth waking up early on a Saturday morning to run 22 miles. But the truth is now running is a hobby. My favorite hobby, but still just a hobby. And sometimes life is more important than our hobbies.

If you ever take a look at my “Races” page you may have noticed that the half marathon that was on my schedule for this weekend has mysteriously disappeared. For the past week (since we found out that we are moving) I’ve been holding onto the idea of running this race with a tight grasp. But yesterday I made the decision to let it go. I really wanted to get a half in before Boston but with all the packing and moving stuff that we have going on this weekend it just isn’t plausible to make the trip all the way up to Malibu, spend the night, and pay for a hotel all so that I can run this one race. So I had to pull out of the race. 😦

In college, running wasn’t a hobby. I was on scholarship at a Division I team and I had to give cross country and track 110%. While I still feel that I give all that I can to my sport I have spent the years since graduation sorting out what it means to be a post-collegiate runner.

What I have learned so far is that there are certain instances when life has to take priority over running (at least in my life). For example…

1. In the middle of a crazy-busy, time-consuming life change, like this move.

2. When I need to focus on my health instead. This happened this past fall when I was struggling with anemia and I took a few weeks off of running to really focus on my iron intake (hello steaks!), recovery, and getting my body ready to train for a marathon.


3. When Henri and I go on vacation (sometimes). Since Henri can’t run when just the two of us go on vacation I enjoy changing things up from running and finding ways the two of us can move together. On our honeymoon we played a lot of tennis, kayaked, and paddle boarded!


Have you ever found that life is sometimes more important than running? When?______________________________________________

P.S. One of my athlete’s, Cori, just had her big race this weekend and she killed it. Almost a 7 minute PR in the half marathon! Check out her race recap HERE.


6 thoughts on “When Life is More Important to Running

  1. This is such a great post because I don’t know of a runner out there that hasn’t had to let “life be more important” at certain times. And as you get older you will find there are other reasons and times that “Life is more important” my big one was having a child. He is almost 12 now but when he was a baby just needing the extra sleep was more important to me that getting up to run. Now it might be a sporting even that takes the place of a run for me. I look at it this way……..this period of your life is only a moment in time. Running will ALWAYS be there. Live life and soak it all in………….running isn’t going anywhere 🙂 Happy Tuesday!!

  2. Paddleboarding > running when you’re on vacation. I think it’s an important lesson to learn. Running is a hobby for me. I’ll never be a professional athlete, I do it for enjoyment. Life happens something and that is far more important than any one race or training run.

  3. It’s hard to decide when to back off of running, isn’t it?! It is the truth though, that running is there, and we need to live our lives, too. It’s hard but I am so proud of you for figuring out you needed to pull out of the race and focus on the move!

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  5. Yes to all of this! Lol really though, this is something I have been learning ALOT about lately. As I try to figure out my life/work/trying to support myself and still like you know… live… I am learning that sometimes I can’t train like I would at school or on summer breaks. School was so easy because really all we had to worry about was class and running… easy! Real life means more responsibilities and just more to do in general, its hard but I have learned to take deep breathes, find new ways to move, work movement into my day and just relax a little more (:

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