Things I’ll Miss About SoCal

In exactly 5 DAYS Henri, the pups, and I will be loaded into our little car and on our way to Boston! I can’t even describe how much I am looking forward to our road trip adventure and being a New Englander again! HELLO SEASONS!! 🙂

I know that I complain about Cali (I’m probably the only one that does) but after six years of living here it’s nearly impossible not to miss anything

1. Farmers’ Markets – California farmer’s markets can’t be beat! I love going to the one in our town on Saturday morning after a long run and loading up on fresh fruits and veggies – and trying a bunch of samples. Summer/farmers’ market season is going to be one of my faves in MA!

2. Beach – We don’t go to the beach nearly as often as we should considering how close we live to it but it’s nice knowing that the beach is only a 10 minute drive away! And a quick trip to the beach is always an easy, romantic date. 🙂


3. Sunsets – Few places in the world have sunsets as beautiful as California. And seriously – nothing beats watching the sun set over the ocean!


4. Perfect Running Weather – I’ll be trading tank tops and shorts year-round for long tights and sweatshirts. I’m actually looking forward to this change but I’m sure there will be some days during those Boston winters that I’ll be longing for the perfect running weather of California.

Your Pace or Mine?

5. Dog Parks – Finn and Laci are really social little pups and one of my favorite things to do with them is bring them to the dog park to play with other dogs. Just look at those doggy smiles of pure joy! There aren’t many dog parks near where we’ll be living, but hopefully if I do my research I be able to find one!


6. The Food – Boston beats out Cali in terms of Italian food, bagels, etc. but SoCal takes the cake in Mexican, Asian, and healthy food restaurants! I’m really going to miss things like our go-to Thai place and Pho – really, does Boston even know what Pho is??


If you were to move what would you miss about where you live now?

What food does the city/state you live in do REALLY well?


10 thoughts on “Things I’ll Miss About SoCal

  1. The place I’m living now has my favorite pizza ever so I’ll be sad to leave it in a few months. And though it has worse running weather half the year, the other half of the year it has better running weather so I’ll miss winters and summers there since they are milder than VA ones!

  2. If I were to move, I think I would miss the convenience of how close everything is. I live in a suburb of the city, but I can literally get anywhere (even across town) in less than 30 minutes. Traffic here is laughable compared to other major cities.

    • You’re going to think I’m crazy when I say this, but I am excited for cloudy days! It is almost “too sunny” here is Cali – sometimes I just want a lazy day and when its always so nice out I almost feel guilty staying inside and watching a movie! haha

  3. Lauren there is a dog park in Hingham called Stoddards neck – it’s awesome Jax loves it ! You’ll have to make the road trip sometime !

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