The Numbers of my Life

Maybe tomorrow I will be able to put together more coherent thoughts, but really my mind is consumed with thoughts about the move, the road trip, and all the things that need to get done before we leave – so it’s not likely. Please bear with me! 🙂

The past few days my mind has been consumed by some really exciting numbers! Here’s a look at the numbers of my life…

4: Days until Henri and I MOVE!

6: Days until I see my sister and brother-in-law! It will be really nice to see them in Denver on our way through town. It’s been too long!



9: Days until we’re home with my little sissies!


Can’t wait to be home with these goofballs!

27: The number of days until the Boston Marathon! I am so excited about this, taper time starts soon and I CANNOT wait for race day!

20: The distance of my long run this coming Saturday. My last really long run of marathon training! We already have a big brunch planned with our friends for afterwards – the best way to refuel!

43: The number of hours (at least!) that we will spend in the car next week.


So much quality car time together!

12: How many states we will drive through between California and Massachusetts! 

3,027: Miles between our current apartment and our final destination – my parent’s home!

From our road trip to Denver last year.

From our road trip to Denver last year.

0: The amount of miles that Henri will actually let ME drive during our road trip. (which is A-Okay to me!)

He's the driver and I navigate! :)

He drives, I navigate! 🙂

Tell me something about your life in numbers!



6 thoughts on “The Numbers of my Life

  1. Bahhhhhh can’t wait for you to get to Boston!!!! I just read your email, I’ll respond later when I have a second 🙂

  2. Good luck with the big move! 🙂 If you’re route includes you driving through Tennessee and you need a training group for a day, let me know! The folks I run with are training for Boston, too, and we are always happy to have folks join.

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