Froyo and Earthquakes

As this post goes up Henri and I will have just about 24 hours left in Cali! Too much excitement!

Yesterday I had to say goodbye to the most wonderful group of co-workers I’ve ever had. Working with them has been really great and it was hard to leave yesterday. I’ve had one of the best years here and it’s weird not knowing when the next time I’ll be back is.

photo 2 (70)

My entire afternoon was spent cleaning out our pantry/fridge, throwing away food, and finishing up our last minute packing. We are officially ready to hit the road! So we celebrated with one last dinner at BJ’s (we had a gift card and won’t be able to use it after the move).

We also hit up Yogurtland for some California froyo! There is one Yogurtland in Massachusetts – so it’ll be a transition from having 5 to choose from within a 5 mile radius to having to drive the 45 mins to Boston. Maybe Henri and I will just have to open up a froyo place closer to home…?

photo 4 (60)

From my Instagram

As we were watching t.v. last night there was a HUGE earthquake! Granted, my perspective is a little off because I’ve only ever been in two other earthquakes, but this one freaked me out. 5.3 magnitude and it lasted for a few minutes. Thanks for the send off California!

photo (28)

The pups were really scared and needed some hugs and kisses to calm down.

And for your daily Buzzfeed read – a few of my friends posted this article on Facebook yesterday and it is truly the best description of the last 2 years of my life and the struggle of learning how to be an “ex-athlete”.

how not to hurtNow I’m off for my last long run before Boston – 20 miles are going down this morning. Followed by a nice big brunch! I hope you have a great day!

Have you ever been in an earthquake? What’s the biggest one you’ve ever felt?

Any other ex-athletes? What struggles did you have adjusting to “the real world”?


9 thoughts on “Froyo and Earthquakes

  1. We actually had 2 earthquakes here in Maryland in the past few years, and both times I had no idea what was going on! They were both really small and nothing compared to what you guys get in CA. I couldn’t imagine having earthquakes all the time!

  2. Well, I don’t really call myself an ex-athlete because I’m just on the injured list right now, but I used to be an avid equestrian and competed at horse shows a lot…not so much anymore…I really miss that other realm of athleticism.
    Just an FYI I live in the sticks of Massachusetts and there’s a fro-yo place in my town. They seems to be popping up everywhere these days, so there’s hope for you yet!

  3. Please open your yogurt shop in Vermont – I have been craving that tangy, sweet goodness for a while now. I actually tried to make some last night but I put the mix into the ice cream maker before the blade, so… that’s the wrong way to use it… and it didn’t work. 😦 Fun sendoff with the earthquake, though.

  4. I had to learn that some things really ARE injuries, in soccer I was always so battered and bruised and played through it but in running I’m so much more likely to have an actual injury I can make worse like a stress fracture or tendinitis or something.

  5. We had a small earthquake when i lived in the midwest!! Illinois actually sits on on a fault line and it woke me up in my sleep one night. it was crazy!

    and you aren’t an ex athlete (makes you sound like you broke up with athletics) you’re a new athlete! with different goals 🙂

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